What kind of shoes affect bone growth

[This site - Dr. shoes] to buy shoes for the baby is a thing worth paying attention to. Because children's shoes don't fit well, not only can the small feet suffer, but it can also affect the child's skeletal development. Buy children's shoes to bypass misunderstandings and let children grow up healthily.

Chinese medicine believes that there are many important acupuncture points at the bottom of the foot, which directly affect the health of various parts of the body. Choosing a pair of good children's shoes for the baby has become a major event that cannot be ignored. Therefore, experts advise parents not to enter the following mistakes:

Misunderstanding 1: The softer the upper and upper, the better

As the children's bones, joints, and ligaments are in a period of development, the ability to balance and stabilize is not strong, and if the back of the shoe is too soft, the corresponding support of the foot in the shoes will not be supported, and the foot will sway from side to side, which will easily cause damage to the ankle and ligaments. It may also develop poor walking postures. Therefore, the back of the children's shoes should be stiffened and wrapped to reduce the foot's activity space inside the shoes. The upper (especially the head) of children's shoes is too soft to resist the impact of hard objects on the toes, plus the baby's habit of kicking and kicking. The soft upper is neither strong nor safe. However, the upper of the instep should still be softer to facilitate the bending of the foot.

Misunderstanding 2: The greater the curvature of the soles, the better

The soles of children's shoes should have appropriate thickness and softness, but too soft soles can not support the soles of the feet, which can make the baby feel tired. In fact, the comfort of the shoes, in addition to the appropriate hardness, but also depends on the bending of the soles of the site, many children's shoes in the middle of the bending parts of the shoes, that is, the waist flank of the foot, so easy to hurt the baby more delicate Arch. The scientific flexion site should be located at the metatarsophalangeal joint of the forefoot of the foot, so that it is consistent with the bending of the foot during walking.

Misunderstanding 3: Platform shoes comfortable shockproof

During walking, the shoes need to be constantly bent along with the movement of the foot. The thicker the sole, the more arduous the bending, especially for the baby who loves to jump, the platform shoes are more likely to cause foot fatigue, and then affect the knee Joint and waist health. In addition, thick-soled shoes in order to express the curve of the United States, often increasing the height of the heel, which will make the entire foot forward, destroy the force balance of the foot, long-term so will affect the baby's foot joint structure, and even lead to spinal physiological deformation, In severe cases, the normal development of the brain, heart, and abdominal cavity will be affected. Therefore, a suitable sole thickness for children's shoes should be 5 mm to 10 mm and a heel height should be between 6 mm and 15 mm.

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