Create a gentleman style Montagut Montagut 2011 autumn and winter men's clothing

Put on a Montagut latest modern gentleman dress up for the advent of fall and winter seasons to prepare it. The aristocratic elegance of the British aristocracy, the icy cold water and polar snow of the extreme North Liao Yuan ─ ─ between these two completely different images of stride, confidently meet the challenge of the poignant winters. Montagut 2011 autumn and winter men's record to create a gentleman's style Montagut Montagut 2011 autumn and winter men's clothing to create a gentleman style urban Montagut Montagut 2011 Men's and Men's Collection Montagut 2011 winter men's series of Piccadilly Circus and North Harmony United Together, with the ultimate elegance, uninhibited and tranquility of the North, the new urban image of modern London has been balanced to give the winter a warmth, comfort and elegance. Mendeville to create a gentleman's style Montagut 2011 Men's Record to create the urban gentleman style Montagut Montagut Men's 2011 Winter Collection series shirt is not only accompanied by different collar design, but also add rational and delicate details, such as thin piping or contrasting colors , Or bohemian elements such as patchwork or contrasting colors. In the fabric, the coat with tweed and wool canvas classic wool clothing, or three-dimensional woven weave, feel soft and clean winter cotton; take the clothes are used plaid cotton, Scottish grid and tribal latticework What makes it easier to mix and match. The color of the theme is mainly gray, late night blue and chocolate brown and other classic colors, and then to clown blue, rust color, dark red, bright green and other stylish and vibrant colors as a decoration, to create a fresh and modern city Gentleman style.

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