Snow Vanni 2012 spring and summer new products exudes graceful temperament

Wenzhou Snow Vanni Garments Co., Ltd. was established in Wuqian Industrial Base in August, 2000, specializing in the design, production and sales of "SOFANI" snow Vanni brand women's clothing . In less than three years, the Svn Fan, with its keen awareness of fashion and unique perspectives on the womenswear market, has quickly occupied the SOFANI women's wear in a personalized and unique style. Now, the total number of snow Vanni stores has nearly 120 sales network in Fujian and Zhejiang as the center gradually to East China, West China, Southwest China and other markets radiation. Snow has now sales network has covered the whole country.

雪凡妮 - SOFANI

Snow Fanni costumes pursuit of elegant, stylish, simple, subtle design style, dignified and free hand in hand, gentle and lively coexistence, fashion without losing the classic, smart and more mature.
1, product style: elegant, stylish, simple, subtle
2, product positioning: high-end fashion women
3, consumer orientation: 20-35-year-old taste of fashion women
4, price positioning: the average spring and summer 350-500 yuan / sets, autumn and winter 450-650 yuan / sets
5, mode of operation: franchising, chain Monopoly
6, terminal network: nearly 200 stores / stores, the network all over the country

雪凡妮2012春夏新品 散发多姿柔媚的气质

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