Fenina senior wig brand "fat" from the trend of Fashion Wig

F ONTAINE is a women's high fashion wig brand under the Japanese hair products giant Unihair Co., Ltd. In its fashion country, there is no concept of "wig" and replaced by "FASHION WIG"!

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FONTAINE gives wigs more fashion, making them gradually become the same as clothing, bags, and jewelry, providing tens of millions of possibilities for each woman's beauty. Draw hair and perm from your schedule, because this frequent "destruction" can not only guarantee the desired results, but also irreparable damage to your hair.

In September 2010, FONTAINE officially entered Shanghai and passed on its “wig culture” to the hearts of every person who loves beauty. FONTAINE also offers a free WIG try-on event, with nearly 200 hair styles in the flagship store, and a welcoming service for the most professional wig wear and care.

From December 9th to December 11th, FONTAINE held a large-scale WIG fitting event in the Atrium of the first floor of the Xinzhuang Shopping Mall. It not only attracted a lot of fashion MM participation, but also many from Japan. The stylists provide professional advice and let everyone enjoy the "Happy Transform Party"!

On the day of the event, FONTAINE's stylist not only helped each woman to discover their own unknown charm, but also perfectly displayed the stylish brilliance of each woman's unique personality. At the same time, the staff recorded the WIG women who wore them. Charming moments.

If the event does not find a satisfactory product, FONTAINE also provides customers with wig's advanced customization service (ORDER MADE). In the VIP ROOM of Xintiandi flagship store, professional stylists will create a "exclusive WIG" according to your requirements. ".

WIG is more than just a living item. It shows different attitudes towards life in different periods. While we are soothing and enjoying life, its unique sense of fashion has also brought us a lot of eye-catching auras, and it has brought a steady stream of self-confidence and vitality. I believe that FONTAINE will inevitably lead to a fashion trend of WIG in the near future. If you are tired of your own temperament and want to change your style in the new year, then pay attention to FONTAINE's transformational magic!

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