Han Lire effort to create the latest health, fashion patent underwear

Over the years, Han Lir always adhering to the "responsibility and health counterparts, the coexistence of beauty and fashion," the purpose of "shoulder the" new generation of healthy underwear for women, "the mission of continuous innovation, continue to exceed, for the lingerie market at home and abroad A large collection of "fashion, health and beauty" in one of the underwear products. Looking forward, Hanlor will continue to introduce new products with the concept of "Caring for Women and Concern for Health" so as to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the brand and bring more healthy underwear and high-quality underwear for global women. Numerous women dressed in the Hanriel underwear deduce one after another stylish, healthy and beautiful dream, so that "love beauty, love fashion, more love health" as a way of enjoying life, a way to love yourself, a Magnificent underwear culture!


Han Lyle exquisite woman more beautiful, with the improvement of people's living standards, women in our country, especially in urban women pay more and more attention to their own health, Han Lyle exquisite woman more beautiful, underwear is more important than the coat, South Korea Lill underwear Italy seamless fit edge technology, built-in steel ring technology, unique magnetic technology to make the wearer more comfortable, Han Lier underwear focus on science and technology, emphasizing human nature, relying on a strong research and development capabilities of the factory to absorb foreign advanced underwear Manufacturing technology, the application of modern engineering software, cutting-edge equipment, selection of high-quality raw materials and fabrics, combined with the human body aesthetics, breast mechanics and physiology, with the help of escalation of technology to achieve environmental protection, low carbon, breathable effect, create world-class Underwear, make every effort to keep the breast comfortable and healthy environment.
Han Lyle endeavor to create the latest health and fashion patent underwear, the perfect combination of technology and fashion, the taste and the trend of a high degree of unity, Han Lier underwear delicate, stylish, tasteful, passionate attitude to life can be read from the Korean underwear Woman's attitude to life.

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