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Winter is long, a light, warm, thick jacket is the weapon that people who are hungry for outdoor activities this season should have to counter the cold while allowing the phrase "boring winter" to fly completely out of your dictionary. DICKIES this season with the United States 3M company to launch the new Sherri warm men's cotton padded jacket. The structure of the new Shirley ultrafine fiber to make it warm down to 1.5 times the normal down, laughing proud of other highly soft insulation material. Its light and thin features make the jacket more personal and stylish. Detachable cap makes the jacket more easy to match, green and camel two bright colors appear true to my youth, free season with the hot Fairleigh jacquard sweaters and jeans can easily go out. Retail Price: RMB 1299 DICKIES Winter Another men's thick jacket with goose feather material, warm and extremely lightweight at the same time wearing the feeling. Windproof and waterproof nylon fabric and multi-bag design makes it ideal for outdoor activities. With handsome series plus handsome boots, wild man temperament explosive. Retail Price: RMB 1599 DICKIES DICKIES Since its inception in 1922, the DICKIES DICKIES has been designed to produce high-quality tooling uniforms. With 89 years of professional garment experience, DICKIES DICKIES is well versed in the essence of the American clothing culture. More and more surfing and skateboarding stars, major musicians, celebrities and the new generation of fashion icons began to support the DICKIES brand. DICKIES always adhere to the production of functional excellence, superior quality, reasonably priced apparel products, with its durable, comfortable and iconic appearance into a lifestyle brand, has become a symbol of the United States spirit, get generation after generation of young people Love and support, and has a wide range of recognition around the world, is now sold in 50 states across the world and more than 60 countries in the world. DisplayAd ();

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