Taihe clothing brand ERP project officially started

December 1, 2011, the holding company chairman and general manager Ms. Ding Fenglan signed ERP project total budget and with a company's ERP software contract, which marks the Taihe after a one-year planning the official launch of the ERP project.

ERP system is based on information technology, based on systematic management thinking, decision-making for business decision-making staff and management tools to provide operational management platform. It is a new generation of integrated management information system developed from MRP (Material Requirements Planning). It expands the functions of MRP. Its core idea is supply chain management. It jumps out of the traditional corporate boundaries and optimizes the organization's resources from the supply chain. ERP system integrates information technology and advanced management ideas into a modern enterprise's operation mode, which reflects that the times require enterprises to rationally allocate resources and maximize the creation of social wealth, becoming the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises in the information age. It plays a significant role in improving business processes and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The Taihe clothing ERP project is the largest since the establishment of the implementation of management software project, the project will involve the company's finance, sales, logistics, design and other aspects, for which the company invested millions of funds budget. Apparel company leadership team and all employees involved, personally led Ding personally ERP project implementation team leader.

ERP is not only a management control system, which also contains many advanced management ideas and mode of operation. The successful implementation of the ERP project will greatly promote and improve the management of the whole process of corporate finance, sales, logistics and design, and enhance the market competitiveness of the Company. Early various aspects of personnel for this project have made great efforts, in July this year, IT Center went to major software vendors conducted a field visit. From August to October, Wan Laihong, director of the holding company, Zhang Xiuying, general manager of the apparel company, and relevant responsible persons paid a great deal of attention and effort in the selection and bidding of ERP software vendors. Therefore, the latter on the line work company mobilization of all project participants should be dedicated, meticulous and devoted themselves to the implementation of the project.

The ERP project is scheduled to be completed within 6 months. Has now entered the preparation phase of the project, the main tasks of this phase is the pre-investigation, the center room transformation and hardware procurement. Software companies in the December 7 to 13 finished all departments, business processes detailed investigation will be issued after the project solution, as the next system on-line guidance and plans. After the software part will be carried out in three phases: the first phase of the distribution, terminal POS and mobile ordering; the second phase of e-commerce and R & D design system; the third phase of the enterprise portal system, BI Business Intelligence Analysis System and objectives Performance system. By May 2012, the system will be integrated and integrated throughout the project and will be fully operational.

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