Adjusted front T100 was invited to participate in Ya…

T100 and Ya'an's story still continues. On the afternoon of July 31, the city government of Ya'an held "Thanksgiving Endeavor, Win-win Cooperation and Ya'an Investment Cooperation Promotion Conference" in Guangzhou. Dozens of enterprises in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, -----

Dins background women's autumn 2013 new products se…

Dins background color products inspired by the deep understanding of the creator of life, I black ink, I white is the clear, the creator pulls off the regular Dins background women's 2013 autumn new product mix series listed, the background color , boldly adopting the design of unrestrained and-----

The historical evolution of jade carving techniques

The carvings of ancient Chinese jade articles are nothing more than yin carvings, yang carvings, relief carvings, round carvings, and enamel carvings. These techniques have matured in the Hongshan culture, but these same techniques have their own individuality in each dyna-----

"Hole hole shoes" full of loopholes

In hot summer, people began to wear less clothes to cool down, and of course they couldn't ignore the ankles stuffed in their shoes. The launch of hole shoes meets the requirements of many people. Cave shoes, also known as garden shoes, are a kind of sandals. The founding company of th-----

Curtain shopping tips

Every household has curtains. In fact, the purchase of curtains also has a university to ask! 1. Should consider the function of the room. Bathrooms and kitchens should be made of fabrics that are practical and easy to clean. They must withstand the pollution of steam and grease. The styl-----

Congratulations to HPLY Hebe Li Awaken Jungle 2014 spri…

HPLY Benevolence wakes up jungle 2014 spring new orders will be held in Shanghai from 7.23-7.26. Nature is a fashion writing encyclopedia, while the original jungle is the perfect gift. High and low staggered, different depths of shrubs, trees, flowers, with thick, light affordable brushstrokes-----

Radiation protective clothing inspection method

Nowadays, pregnant women wear radiation protection clothing has become a fashion. Radiation-proof maternity dress is essential for pregnant Mommy, especially for pregnant Mommy who works in computers. However, on the market, all kinds of special radiation protection clothes for pregnant wo-----