Crystal care and cleaning crystal degaussing

Why do you want to degauss the crystal? Crystal cleaning is also called crystal degaussing. Because crystal is intelligent and affectionate, it will remember all the things that people have touched. Therefore, a piece of crystal may retain the memory of others, maybe some -----

One way to get a trendy outfit with a pullover

This site November 19 hearing, autumn and winter season always think of sweaters, this classic wild single product gradually began to play a variety of shapes, whether it is a simple solid color, or a bright candy color, or It is a print with avant-garde appeal, as long as you wear right, then in -----

Performance comparison between water-cooled heat-dissip…

Core Tip: Traditional LED bulbs and water-cooled LED bulbs have always been controversial. Zhou Chong from the School of Optoelectronic Engineering of Chongqing University shared with you on November 11th at the Thermal Management and Reliability Technology Forum. The resul-----

Warm congratulations to Mr. Peng on the successful cont…

Mr. Peng from Hefei visited the “high-speed railway publication “Travel Geography” casually and learned about the “tall men's wear” brand project of 11 influx men. Peng Zong, who has been in the men's brand for nearly 20 years and has keen market insights, was -----

[Camel with] Camel style with what color with a suitabl…

Camel style fashion classic, has become the most popular color this year, camel has become the protagonist of the autumn and winter of each year, of course this year camel is doing my part, but the protagonist also need to be more complete supporting the integrity of the fall and winter Camel styl-----

Why does jadeite fluoresce?

The fluorescence of jade is actually the reflection of jade, which makes people feel very steel. This is unique to natural ice jade and glass jade. Why does the jade glow? The basic feature of the "Flying" jadeite is "an fluorescing" which is an optica-----

Jade identification expert Wang Jingzhi is a guest publ…

On November 16th, Mr. Wang Jingzhi, a jade appraisal expert, was a guest lecture hall of “Huangcheng Culture and Art Lecture Hall”, and it was a zero-distance exchange with friends of Aiyu, Zhanyu and Yuyu around the “Jade Culture and Jade Collection Appr-----