Why does jadeite fluoresce?

The fluorescence of jade is actually the reflection of jade, which makes people feel very steel. This is unique to natural ice jade and glass jade. Why does the jade glow?

The basic feature of the "Flying" jadeite is "an fluorescing" which is an optical effect of jade. Now it refers to the floating light that appears inside the jade jewelry, and the position of the illuminating light with the jade jewelry also changes. The jadeite of "Flying" has its own texture and transparency, crystal clear, and the special "lighting" effect increases her beauty and mystery. Some people in the market call the phenomenon of "fluorescence" as "fluorescence". This is called science, which is the result of people not finding the correct vocabulary to describe this phenomenon. Fluorescence is a proper term in gemology. It means that a gemstone mineral emits light when excited by external energy (such as ultraviolet rays, x-rays, etc.), and the illumination stops immediately after the excitation source is removed.

In recent years, the market has promoted a kind of “fabrication” jadeite. Under the same color, size and quality, the price of jade jewelry with “fluorescence effect” can be several times or even several times. In addition to the processing shape and optical principle, the “Flying” jadeite is closely related to the structure of the jadeite. This paper starts with the structural structure of jadeite, and conducts experimental research and theoretical discussion on the phenomenon of "sparkling" jade.

Why does jadeite fluoresce? The opaque jade, the light can not enter the interior of the jade, can not produce "lighting." The true glass type of jade is because of the high transparency, and the light will not pass through the gemstones.

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