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Bold! Innovation! Change! We are all changing in 24 hours. Every day, people will have different needs. With the pace of modern spiritual civilization, people's demand for material continues to rise. Zhuowei Le children's clothing to meet market demand, continue to introduce new products to reform in order to survive in today's market. Choi Lele children's wear the first choice of three-dimensional space visual patterns and eight kinds of popular colors combine to create the most colorful, dynamic and stylish children's clothing in 2014, Zhuowei Le children's wear with children's dreams, and strive to bring health to children Environmental protection, fashion exquisite high-quality children's wear, elegant yet yet close to the natural sense! Let every angel who falls into the world bloom the most beautiful childhood! Zhuowei International Group Co., Ltd. Contact: Manager Lu Mobile: QQ: Fax: Guangzhou Zhuowei Dress Co., Ltd. Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, floor

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