One way to get a trendy outfit with a pullover

This site November 19 hearing, autumn and winter season always think of sweaters, this classic wild single product gradually began to play a variety of shapes, whether it is a simple solid color, or a bright candy color, or It is a print with avant-garde appeal, as long as you wear right, then in this fall and winter, you will be fashionable and comfortable. Let's take a look at the few recommended for you!

Soft and comfortable knitwear, V-neck design, with a small face effect, but the hip but the hem design, under the feet of Slim pants and boots, emphasizing the natural and casual feeling.

The simple and lovely version of the round neck sweater, the upper body feels free and very range of children, take a concise ruffled skirt, showing a very range of styles of ladies.

The neckline version is very nice winter sweaters, irregular twist knitting texture, thickness is also particularly in place, the effect of warmth is also very good, take a slim foot pants, show a casual fashion style.

Basic knitwear, linen pattern effect, very good look, the overall feeling of micro-loose, very casual, upper body effect is comfortable and natural, take black shorts and black silk, to create a lively and stylish fashion children.

The milky round neck sweater, the body part is braided and knitted, the sleeves are ribbed and knitted, the upper body is comfortable and natural, and the denim shirt skirt is worn, and then the belt is tied to show a special feminine flavor. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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