[Camel with] Camel style with what color with a suitable camel

Camel style fashion classic, has become the most popular color this year, camel has become the protagonist of the autumn and winter of each year, of course this year camel is doing my part, but the protagonist also need to be more complete supporting the integrity of the fall and winter Camel style with, so you have more fancy.


Photo Source: Barberry clothing women's 2013 autumn and winter new

This shows the noble style of cloak cloak coat style, short cloak coat, is not it too small! This short cloak style so that short girls can also show a handsome dress, not because of cloak style but long section and give up, this is suitable for most of the women wearing. With package hip skirt to show the beauty of the time is up.

【驼色搭配】驼色款式怎么搭配 驼色配什么颜色合适

Camel sleeve jacket style, with a striped T-shirt, although the stripe is the most classic style, but the stripe its independence beyond imagination, stripe to wear a very beautiful style, but it is really difficult to match an element, the camel Coat with a striped shirt, the stripes to the success of the taming of the lower body with a black dress walking in the street Mengzhuan rate.

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