Performance comparison between water-cooled heat-dissipating LED bulbs and traditional LED bulbs

Core Tip: Traditional LED bulbs and water-cooled LED bulbs have always been controversial. Zhou Chong from the School of Optoelectronic Engineering of Chongqing University shared with you on November 11th at the Thermal Management and Reliability Technology Forum. The result of this experiment. Zhou Chong said that the traditional metal traditional led bulb lamp and the water-cooled heat-dissipating led bulb lamp have been controversial. The traditional metal-cooled LED bulb has been cooled by a metal heat sink. This method has two disadvantages. Includes thermal performance and high price. At this time, a liquid-cooled LED bulb was proposed. But there are few studies on its thermal properties and life parameters. This experiment compared the thermal performance and lifetime of liquid-cooled LED bulbs with conventional metal-cooled LED bulbs. The transient and steady-state temperature variations of the two lamps were simulated by finite element software, and the temperature curve and the steady temperature field were obtained. Life was evaluated through a life cycle process. The results show that the liquid cooling lamp has a junction temperature lower than 40 ° C. At 3 W, its theoretical lifetime is 6.28 times that of the conventional LED lamp. The junction temperature rise rate of liquid-cooled led lamps is slow. Liquid-cooled LED luminaires are more reliable and have a longer life. In the experimental comparison process, the thermal performance simulation of liquid-cooled LED bulbs and traditional metal heat sink LED bulbs was first performed, and the structure of the two lamps was awakened; then the traditional metal-cooled LED bulb structure was analyzed. Then, the structure of the liquid-cooled LED bulb lamp is analyzed, and then the simulation results of the two LED bulbs are compared, and finally the life evaluation of the two LED bulbs is performed. From the above series of comparative experiments, the final conclusion is: from the temperature field simulation and life evaluation of the two LED bulbs, the liquid-cooled LED bulb has a lower junction temperature of 40.2 ° C, and its lifetime is The traditional LED bulb is 6.28 times. Liquid-cooled LED bulbs have better thermal performance and longer life. Because there is no metal heat sink, the liquid-cooled structure of the lamp is cheaper.

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