Spokane card spring shirt new fashion ---- slow life

SPORTICA For Holiday fashion lifestyle, through physical and mental travel to experience the experience of different countries and regions, life philosophy and fashion attitude, passed to consumers a "pluralistic" cultural fashion concept, a relaxed and free life, fun and fashion Wearing attitude. Spokane card - slow fashion lifestyle! Denim shirt classic wild, spring influx of people love one of the single product, especially the Slim point version of the model, shoulder and cuff design, stylish type. Arbitrary with a pair of pants, are very flavorful. Blue is the best color to check whether boys have a gas field, the combination of blue and jeans, gas field blowing. Such a dress, but also show a youthful vitality. White clothes are almost wild St. goods, white with light-colored jeans, brown shoes, although the style is not complicated, but the use of color and plate splicing to create more details of the fashion.

Dull Fabric

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