NellyRodi predicts four major trends in spring and summer 2014

Lead: NellyRodi Design Studio is a leading international trend forecasting agency. It was established in Paris, France, in 1985 and is one of the top four trend forecast agencies in France. It has internationalized forecast information in 21 countries around the world. The studio’s concept of predicting trends is released 18 months ahead of schedule, providing industry professionals with timely creative inspiration and style reference.




A minimalist theme of a high-tech futuristic sense. The inspiration of women's fashion design captures the minimalist lifestyle of Japan, creating “emotional futurism” with simple and elegant lines. It is a visually pure and low-key artistic aesthetic. Less is more design concept reveals elegant female charm; They are eager to create high-quality future life and are increasingly interested in smart technologies. Scientific breakthroughs and high-tech techniques have brought new materials to use. Minimalism and line art have brought a poetic atmosphere. The combination of functional utility and minimalist structure, the future of science and technology exists in the eternal ultimate elegance!



Port of call

To explore the global culture and then rejuvenate the theme of ancestral traditions. Women's wear was influenced by exotic cultures and created a folk style collection. Souleiado's rural traditional print aesthetics perfectly blended with the old metal, and the unique beauty of warriors was caused by the fierce collision between technology and craftsmanship. Men's wear was from the ocean culture. Take inspiration, use the most basic elements to recreate, decorate the basic retro style with bright and bold colors, lazy life attitude and simple life is the highest respect.

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It have 0.3mm 0.5mm.0.7mm material can use on car etc.

Advertising magnet corporate gifts that can be customized into different shape and thickness served different purpose used as for company branding and promotion to be given out as for door gift for annual dinner, anniversary gifts, event souvenirs etc. You may refer to custom Fridge magnet to know more. Advertising magnet`s final outcome can be as:
Car Body Magnet sticker

Student reflective magnet 

Baby on board magnet

Mother on board magnet.

business card magnet
calendar magnets
save date magnets for business events
magnetic frame
magnetic bookmark
whiteboard fridge magnet
hotline fridge magnet
many more - up to your creativeness

Magnetic Sticker

Magnet car sticker,Magnet Fridge sticker,Custom Magnet Sticker

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