Love 3 .15, beetle house won a series of awards

March 15, 2013 As International Consumer Rights Day, beetle house once again with its own practical action, to the customers, consumers pay a satisfactory answer. Beetle House on this day the company won a series of honors: outstanding commitment to the integrity of national quality enterprises, the national quality inspection and stability of qualified products. "Survive by quality, service and development" is beetle house company's business philosophy and establish itself, the company since its inception put the quality of products in a prominent position to grasp. Companies in the development, design, production in all aspects of strict quality control, with international standards to control product quality. At the same time the company also developed a strict quality objectives: 1. Accurate delivery, and improve after-sales service, meticulous user training, sincere and passionate orders and returns; 2. Three days to resolve customer complaints; 3. Products manufactured pass rate To reach 97% and above. Quality is productivity, it is the foundation and guarantee for enterprises to continuously develop and grow in the fierce market competition. The quality of enterprises, the quality of power has become the main theme of the market economy. Prosperity and decline of many well-known national enterprises honor the course of development proved: blind pursuit of commercial profits, while ignoring the quality of products, after all, eliminated by the market, consumers spurned. In the future development process, beetle house will, as always, the heart of consumers, strict quality control, with first-class products and services back to the community, return the vast number of consumers.

We are specilized on coating blackout fabrics for more than 8 years, knowing better quality on coating techniques and quality control, hoping to get the chance working with you in the future.                      Our coated blackout curtain fabrics are with many features, environmental-friendly, energy saving, flame retardant, sound insulative, heat insulative, UV-proof, antibacterial, radiation proof,anti-static, waterproof. No formaldehyde and villi are fouond during the coating process. Curtains with coated fabrics are more softer, and blocking out the light totally. There are 3 pass and 4 pass,  with or without FR, antibacterial coating for you to choose, besides, coating fabrics are better with water proofing, non-toxic performances, and passed the Bluesign Standard and Oeko-tex100.

Coating Blackout Curtain Fabric

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