Joe Commodity Fashion Women are invited to join agents

" Joe goods JOYPRO" fashion brand women is an elegant appearance of local brands. Restricting and distress China's own brand development is the core problem in the field of fashion is not enough influence, lack of platform construction. This state is improving, but it needs a process.

China Fashion Association vice chairman, vice president of China National Garment Association Zhang Qinghui

President Xi Jinping with his wife to visit, wearing costumes are customized by domestic enterprises. Own brand to become a diplomatic Dress, for domestic garment practitioners, is a positive signal.

This shows that China's own brand, designers can also meet the needs of consumers at different levels, especially high-end demand; also provide high-quality, high standards and can adapt to special occasions, clothing. We have become an undeniable force in the fashion industry around the world.

After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's garment industry has become the largest and most comprehensive industry in the world. Independent brand development is the highlight of the development of China's garment industry, the domestic market share of independent brands over 90%.

Mr. Xi Jinping Peng Liyuan use of the "exception", "useless" and other domestic brands, was born in the mid 90s of last century, the designer Marco was the earlier China top ten designers, experienced from unknown to the world famous hard journey, quality Needless to say - Made in China has always been a solid foundation, and now, the design level has reached a certain height, you can play host to.

As the degree of openness deepens, more and more foreign brands and foreign designers enter the Chinese market. This is an opportunity and a challenge: we can get more information on promoting industrial development through such exchanges. However, foreign high-end consumer brands , The influx of luxury brands and fast fashion international brands, has also caused no small impact on our industry.

From the fashion trend of the world, we are always in the stage of chasing Europe and the United States and learning the West. This is mainly reflected in the intensity of communication. Domestic consumers are more concerned with foreign brands, especially luxury brands, as they have been developed for more than a century or more and have many stories to talk about. In addition, fashion media around the world are largely dominated by developed-country capital, so Western luxury brands are more likely to spread, while Chinese local brands find it hard to find a way to introduce and promote themselves.

"Joe Goods JOYPRO" is an elegant appearance of local brands. Restricting and troubled China's own brand development core issue is the local brand in the field of fashion is not enough influence, lack of platform construction, domestic consumers more easily accept the western design concept, while ignoring the local design. This state is improving, but it needs a process. Marco, Mao Jihong and other local designers always adhere to the Chinese designers adhere to the beliefs and ideals, which may be the most fundamental source of energy for their products.

Born in 1997, "China International Fashion Week" revolves around the training of its own brands and local designers, following the market development rules and constantly exploring and becoming an important platform for the growth of its own brands and local designers. Milan, Paris Fashion Week through the world media to enhance its influence. China International Fashion Week has also done a lot of work in this area. However, there is a lack of synergies and the need of government attention to influence the Chinese consumers to a greater extent. This is to learn from our neighbor South Korea - South Korea is a small country with a small population but a national brand council that organizes many activities to help local brands grow.

Over the past 10 years, China's clothing consumption maintained a 14.7% annual growth rate, which is unique in the world. China's domestic market is the biggest place for independent brands and designers. Chinese brands and Chinese designers are rooted in this soil and are more likely to understand the spending habits of Chinese consumers, which are not competitive with other international brands.

China's own brand to go out need political leaders to promote. At the same time, in the international market, we also need to make effective use of the communication platform, expand the influence in the field of fashion, grasp the international discourse power, change single-handedly fighting for the team, give full play to the role of trade associations, make good use of China International Fashion Week and China International Clothing & Accessories Fair these two independent brands and designers to cultivate an important platform.

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