T100 fashion children's clothing "dream" 2012 autumn and winter series

2012 autumn and winter, T100 Fashion Parenting Children's Wear "Dreams off" as the season's grand launch "Dream - Musician" "Dream - Traveler" two series of theme design. We advocate that all parents value childhood, respect their children's dreams, develop their independent thinking, establish friends-friendly parent-child communication and create a family atmosphere of "sharing, happiness and fashion". Today, from now on, create the dream dreamer for your child. I believe the image can also dream of success. T100 Fashion Parenting Children's clothing is in this way for the baby to establish self-confidence and make him full of dreams of light! Harvest autumn, you are a dream musician They love music, a little shy, like to use notes to talk emotions, there are a pair of Sensitive ears, dreams can listen to any wonderful sound in the world. She was quiet and elegant, with a shallow smile on her face. Shh, she may be quietly listening to a song; he is excited and excited, his face a little red, can not wait to play with instruments. Jumping musical notes, agile melody is their way of composing a dream, so cute to them, who can be sure, they are not future musicians? Classical music elegance, piano black and white keys, hot a heart of love music. Pure black, white, red, is the classic T100 color, but also the most elegant interpretation of the elegant color. Add pink, light apricot and other soft colors, so that cello girls add intimacy. Noble and a little lovely plush coat, classic plaid, high waist skirt, let the little girl has a small adult Fan children yet lovely, more temperament refined, and the little girl's every move as if the cello wonderful piano freeze frame in the air……

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