2012 autumn and winter with highlights up to see popular elements

Lead-in: Paris Fashion Week has ended, whether it is a demeanor or a demeanor, it is just a large-scale holiday for the carnival of people. The highlights of the off-site games are dizzying, and the elements of all sorts of funny little exaggerations are truly amazing. Want to make your own fall/winter outfit no longer boring and dull? Out of the reach people may be able to give you tricks to take a look.

2012秋冬搭配亮点 达人支招看流行元素(图1)

[Bright style] The most dazzling ethnic style

Single product recommendation: Knitwear bag hip skirt

Black and white gray is the main color of autumn and winter, the comfort and elegant knit shirt hip skirt, the exquisite and exquisite Parisian style, embroidered with red embroidery, and the most dazzling ethnic style.

2012秋冬搭配亮点 达人支招看流行元素(图2)

[Highlight style] British style sway

Single product recommendation: vertical stripes dress short boots

Simple and elegant is the British style of publicity, compact waist and exaggerated skirt folds, as if back to the palace of the nobles of the last century, highlighting the unique extravagance of a woman.

2012秋冬搭配亮点 达人支招看流行元素(图3)

[Highlight style] geometric print jump

Single product recommendation: silk suit retro clutch

Fashionistas who have seen this year's fashion week should be impressed with geometric prints. Retro jewel-like splicing, simple and complex correspondence of luxurious silk suits, retro and modern temperament, a clutch is enough to shock you. Visual sense

2012秋冬搭配亮点 达人支招看流行元素(图4)

[Highlight style] counterattack of fluorescent color

Single product recommendation: woolen coat printing dress

What eye-catching and eye-catching fluorescent colors in autumn and winter, fresh and refreshing like a light of vitality generally make the mood good! Ethnic style strong print geometric dress, slit hem and elegant outer fluorescent fluorescent coat, coexistence of playfulness and temperament .

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