OV Women's large new autumn and winter wear clothing piercing simple new style

Ningbo Ouwei (OV) Garments Co., Ltd., located in eastern Ningbo garment production and operation base. Is a research, development, design, production and sales in one women's business. Ouwei clothing fashion women, covering spring, summer, autumn and winter fashion, ladies and casual women, quarterly nearly 1,000 kinds of goods and high-end brand simultaneously listed; with high-end brands, inexpensive, ultra-low discount , By many fashionable women's welcome.

OV女装大换季 秋冬新品穿出简约时尚新造型

OV Women located in: 18-45-year-old young women and high-school white-collar workers. The use of traditional European and American cultural elements, clear cut natural fabric, creating a simple stylish urban European and American style, to interpret and position the wardrobe of modern women, elegant taste by the fashion trend of successful professional women of all ages.

OV女装大换季 秋冬新品穿出简约时尚新造型

Brand Features In addition to a strong concentration of the trend of color tone, the overall style of free movement, unrestrained, three-dimensional effect is rich, asymmetric, irregular design outside the concise and subtle Jiangnan academic style, fashion without publicity, concise and not monotonous. Corresponds to the market, delightful life, pay attention to taste of the mature design concept and strive for fresh, advocating the nature of individuality.

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