Natural crystal wear 10 precautions

1. Can you wear crystal when swimming in the bath?

A: I can wear it, but it is best not to wear it. Why do you say this? It is said that it does not affect the crystal, and the bath liquid will not harm the crystal, because the crystal will not reflect with acid or alkali, nor will it be similar to other chemicals. It is reflected that it is reflected in fluorine under high temperature conditions only. But why is it better not to wear it? Because the collision process will occur during the movement, the crystal is fragile, and if you accidentally pull the line, it will not be troublesome.

2. Why should crystal be cleaned regularly?

A: First, the crystal absorbs the negative energy of the body. It is like a trash can. When it is full, it is necessary to release it regularly. Released will bring more good luck to people. Second, the crystal stone itself will have dirt adhesion for a long time, and cleaning is indispensable. Third, the psychological suggestion, purification, purity, and psychological integrity, will be more convinced of its aura. And I personally think that the purified crystal is easier to communicate with the owner, and it is easier to exert its unique power.

3. Why can I only wear my left hand?

A: If you believe that crystal has mysterious power on the human body, I said that it is best to wear a necklace because it has more contact with the human body. Many crystal treatment experts abroad recommend this. Why do crystal bracelets have more left-handed hands (except for dark crystals such as obsidian), we have always said that China has left and right (there is a similar saying abroad), crystal is worn in the left hand, and the left hand will absorb the power of the crystal (or It can be said that the crystal also absorbs the magnetic field of the outside world, while the right hand releases the different magnetic fields. Can the right hand be worn? If you don't believe in the power of crystal, just use it as a decoration, of course, but it is said that the energy of wearing the right hand is really small.

4. Can you wear more than a few crystal stones at the same time?

A: Yes, but pay attention to the match. The collocation that I am talking about here is not about the aesthetic collocation with which kind of clothing, but from the perspective of crystal energy. For example, garnet and red hair crystal, tea crystal, powder crystal, citrine is a good match. One of the principles is to pay attention to it, that is, it has an effect on your body and does not conflict with each other. For example, those with poor physical fitness wear obsidian, and tiger eye stone can be used, but it is not suitable for wearing titanium crystal with great energy. Such a combination is definitely not good. For example, people who have always been a little dizzy can not tell the people in the southeast and northwest (women are mostly) Dai Qingjinshi, Shululaishi, white fog pyramid crystal, ghost crystal are very good, and can also change the dizziness situation, this If you add the tiger eye, it is not suitable because it is easy to make people feel impulsive. The person who is dizzy is most in need of calm, transparent green ghost, white crystal is well deserved! In short, if you want to make a fortune, you will be equipped with the same type of citrine, ghost crystal, amethyst, etc. If you want to sleep well, you will be equipped with garnet, white crystal, white ghost, powder crystal and the like. Don't wear crystals of any function at once, so it is easy to cause disorder and energy elimination.

5. Can you sleep in crystal?

A: Don't sleep, why? First, because crystal absorbs negative energy, protects the master's ability, absorbs negative energy during the day, it takes time to recover, it should be placed in the cluster, rest well, if there is no crystal cluster at home, Put it in a quiet place, put a balcony on the balcony, let it come in an intimate contact, and also achieve the purpose of purification. Secondly, when people are asleep, they enter the state of subconscious activity, and the sensitivity of the feeling will be relatively increased. At this time, the energy of the crystal stone may become strong and abnormal, which leads to an overreaction of the nervous system, which is not good for the body.

6. Can crystals let others touch or try on them?

A: Under normal circumstances, it is best not to let others touch your crystal. Crystal is a kind of thing. If you want to pursue a career, the green ghost is moved by a successful businessman. Because the crystal has memory, it will record the other party's energy. This will help the fortune. On the contrary, once the crystal has been moved by some people who have been stranded, it must be washed immediately. This refers to purification.

7. Under what circumstances can you not wear crystal?

A: Generally, it is like going to hospitals and cemeteries. It is best not to wear crystals in these places. You can remove them into your pockets. Because the crystal will absorb the energy around, especially the white crystal is more susceptible to pollution, these places have more negative energy, even if there is a sinister effect obsidian, come back from those dirty places, so always in the hospital or The person working in the cemetery wears crystal. After going home from work, you must remember to put it in a light salt crystal and then wear it. Of course, when someone asks to go to the toilet or be intimate with their lover, can they wear it? It doesn't matter at all. It even helps to excite when you are warm with your lover.

8. Can crystal be purified by the method of sun exposure?

A: The best crystal is not good to take the sun, although the sun is also a purification method. why? Because the crystals will become light at the bottom of strong light (especially when the ultraviolet rays are strong), it is said that this energy will be reduced. Of course, white crystal is not afraid of its discoloration, but the white crystal concentrating function is extremely strong, and if it is not careful, it is easy to induce fire risk. In short, there are so many ways to purify, and sun exposure is not the best way, so don't try it.

9. Does crystal really work?

A: This is affirmative. It was recorded in the Han Dynasty of China. There are also cases in Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica. Now there are special departments in many famous medical institutions abroad, and even there are professional crystal hospitals. The role of crystal on the human body is unquestionable. Just see how you can make it work for you. Besides, the effect is divided into physiological and psychological effects. Even if your body is not sensitive, you can't really feel the change in its effect on your body. The psychological effect is always huge. If someone has irregular menstruation, wearing garnet will be very fast. Well, people with dysmenorrhea are even more so. Some people always dream of scary things like sneaky at night, and they will obviously improve after wearing obsidian.

10. Can crystals be worn with gold, silver and jade?

A: Yes, there is no conflict between them, even from an aesthetic perspective. But pay attention to these small problems. Do not wear a hand with the gold and silver chain and the crystal chain. This will have an effect on gold and silver. Because the energy of the crystal is large, it is easy to cause discoloration of gold and silver. It doesn't matter if the crystal and jade wear the same hand. There are a lot of people who like to hang a crystal pendant under the gold and silver chain. If it is synthetic, such as zircon, this does not need to pay attention to anything. If it is a natural crystal, it is important to note that there must be a buckle between the pendant and the gold and silver chain to separate them. If it is directly in the gold and silver chain, it is not good.

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