Gift color matching is stressful

[China Gift Network News] There are a lot of special gifts, one of which is reflected in the color. Everyone knows that packaging has color taboos, but you should also pay attention to color when buying gifts. The so-called color, including the color of the gift itself, and more is the color of the gift package. As we all know, color has a clear symbolic meaning in people's minds, it must be reflected in the gift itself and its packaging. The Chinese have always regarded red as a festive color and black as a fierce color. In festive occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and opening, the gifts are often red or reddish in color, in Tuili.
The gifts are red with brown sugar, red dates, red beans, etc.; the gifts are dyed red with red eggs, red rice cakes, etc.; the money is also wrapped in red paper. The gift package used for funeral must be black or white, and must not be red; folks believe that red is yang, the same color as the sun; black is yin, the two are not reconcilable. If you send a red wrapped gift in a funeral, it is considered to be a ruin of the dead, which is very detrimental to the deceased. In the old days, the country was taboo and everything was red. There was a cross talk, ironic when an emperor died, taboo red, actually asked people to use the ink to stain the nose of the wine. Of course, this is a joke.
Due to the different regional cultures in different countries, the meaning of color is not the same. You should pay attention to this in the choice of gift color or packaging color. Otherwise, the effect will be counterproductive.
There is an example. When a Japanese company exports a pen to the United States, it is lined with purple velvet in a box packed with a silver pen. This color of packaging causes Americans to be uncomfortable, so that the pen is unattended. Because purple is the taboo color of Americans, it is never used as a gift wrap. Similarly, purple is considered an unlucky coffin in Mexico, and gifts for Mexicans cannot be given as purple gifts or as purple materials. In Mexico, even wearing purple clothes to visit others is equally unpopular. Peruvians and Brazilians are seen as opulent. In the Brazilian market, there is a watch imported from Japan, which has a purple band on the watch, which makes it impossible to open the market. Black is a taboo for the Mongols because it symbolizes enemies, funerals and all unlucky things. Mongolian costumes, utensils, and residences are not decorated with black, so gifts for Mongolians cannot be wrapped in black materials. Pakistan, Hungarians and Ethiopians also regard black as a fierce color. For Malaysians, yellow symbolizes death, and yellow is generally avoided in general. In some countries, the symbolism of color is very strict and has a clear political color. For example, in Venezuela, red, green, tea, black and white respectively represent the country's five major parties, and they are not suitable for gift packaging.
Choose different colors for different gift givers. Have you noticed this? Don't let yourself fall into awkward situations.

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