Fibers Polly fashion sexy Europe and the United States wind underwear style firm and healthy Breast

Fibers Boli to "fashion, sexy European and American style," the design style, to create fast-fashion underwear brand , focusing on body lingerie market, with functional underwear as the main body, extending to the sports and leisure body underwear, brand positioning in all beauty , Love fashion, rich taste of the pursuit of personal, independent personality of modern urban women.


Hazy, looming, Ruoyouruowu Ruoyi is the highest level of the world, the full coverage of the drop-shaped cups will gather breasts effectively, the high chicken heart to support the weight of the chest to prevent sagging, wide side than the free fat and vice ax Milk transferred to the chest, so that the chest more plump fullness.

纤丝柏莉时尚性感欧美风内衣  塑造坚挺健康美胸

Pastoral style of the small flowers covered the entire underwear, a freshness from the inside out, three-quarters of the cup exposed hemispheres, sexy double, no steel ring design to avoid the pressure when wearing, so that the chest free Breathing, shaping healthy breasts.

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