Korean jewelry color and matching skills

Today, I teach you how to choose the jewelry that suits you. I hope that everyone can have different personalities for each of them. Compared with personality, they are different colors in dressing and dressing. In the fashion and jewellery capital of Paris, most of the girls have their own color consultants, dressing themselves with a unique talent, so beautiful and moving. Although the colors are speechless, they can reveal a lot of information and express people's emotions and thoughts. From the color of a person's clothing, people can know her taste, hobbies, personality, and even her aesthetic ability.

Korean jewelry color and clothing matching principle

Different colors give people a completely different sense of vision. Dark colors have a sense of contraction. For example, a black circle looks smaller than its own shape; a light color has a sense of expansion, so a white egg looks bigger than itself. . Red, orange, yellow and other colors make people feel warm, while green, blue, purple and other colors give people a cold illusion. As for black, white, gold, silver and gray, they are more neutral. Cool colors are suitable for use in the summer. In winter, warm-colored ornaments should be used.

After clearing the personality of the color and giving the visual sense, you can find the unique color that suits you according to your own personality. It is a very important principle to achieve a harmonious match between skin color, accessories and clothing. However, although Determine your basic color, but not every jewel must be unified in this color, you only need to choose some of the most appropriate basic color to express your personality, to achieve the basic color requirements.

Starting from your own skin color, you have chosen your own basic color. After careful mixing, your temperament will show up a little. On this basis, some commonly used jewelry, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, chest ornaments, etc., as much as possible to prepare a piece to facilitate the match. No matter how it is matched, it should be coordinated, so jewelry should be based on the basic color of your skin color, within a color system. On the contrary, chaotic and blind jewelry preparation is not only a waste, but also can not match their own personality style.

The effect of skin color on jewelry

Asians are mostly yellow skin, but the difference is that they contain other shades. For example, it is white, reddish, yellowish, and black. The changes in these tones are weak, but how to achieve color coordination is a problem that cannot be ignored. Among the colors, there are some colors to be cautious when pairing, such as red and green, yellow and purple. This is not only reflected in the selection process of jewelry, but also in the various aspects of clothing, home and other aspects are very sensitive issues.

The darker complexion is the more common skin tone in the crowd. People with this skin color often work on how to make their skin look whiter. In fact, this is the most crappy practice. More experience should be put into how to highlight In the characteristics of oneself, not blindly cover up. For people with dark skin, the first thing to build is the luster of your skin. Don't let your skin tone look dull and rough. Then we match the corresponding jewelry. Dark and shiny jewelry is our first choice, for example: pearls, gold, the luster of these gems is subtle and restrained, and the combination of black skin gives a deep and intriguing feeling. However, it is worth noting that dark and lustrous jewelry, if not well matched, will make our skin look dull. Light-colored jewelry is generally a color we care about. Indeed, too bright jewelry will form a strong contrast with our skin. However, if you want to show a personality, an alternative feeling, you can also try it. The effect of this contrasting color may make you show it in a new and beautiful way.

People with reddish skin tend to give people a feeling of heat and dullness due to color. To alleviate this feeling, in the color of clothing and jewelry, we should choose the color of light color. The so-called cool color system refers to a series of colors such as blue, green, and purple. These lightly cool colors will weaken the red tone of the skin. It is worth noting that you should not choose too strong cool colors, such as: bright blue, emerald green and other strong colors, the use of these colors, will contrast with the color of the skin, counterproductive. Be cautious about the choice of warm-colored jewelry. Try not to choose red, orange, yellow, brown and other jewels, especially the bright warm colors are the worst choice.

Multiply the color by the personality, you can match the thousands of styles and finally wish the parents can choose the jewelry that suits them!

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