Pattern-pattein Ladies Longshan store upgrades in Hong Kong stay tuned

In order to better serve every consumer, after careful consideration, the French fashion women's brand HQ Pattein pattern decided to upgrade Longshan shop. Hunan Longshan store into the mall, the performance has been far ahead. Shopping malls and brand companies have increased the meaning of the store area, so that the store can better serve consumers. Hunan Longshan store upgrade is about to open, then waiting for you all the consumers.

图案 - HQ Pattein

For the current market, the competition is more intense, coupled with the impact of the online store, the store can be described as perishable. However, HQ Pattein pattern women can allow the mall to re-increase the store area, showing the brand in the local consumers much loved. At the same time, it is also highlighted that our franchisees have chosen a strong brand enterprises, making its performance ranked in the top two in the mall.

The store upgrade, will better serve every consumer. Broad store, will provide consumers with more convenient and comfortable shopping. On November 29, Hunan Longshan store grand opening after the upgrade, loyal consumers do not miss it. At that time, more fashion items will be presented to local consumers and more surprises will be sent. In the HQ Pattein-patterned big family, there are many shops more prominent performance. As long as you walk into the HQ Pattein-patterned family, brand companies will do their best to serve you, for you to seek more financial benefits.

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