High-necked sweater with what coat high-necked bottom shirt with

Knit sweaters have been extended from autumn to winter, autumn knit we feel wearing a high collar a bit too exaggerated, but the winter wear high-necked not too warm Oh, winter cold fear, high-necked sweater wear out. Cocos women's high-necked sweater with high collar suitable for what coat? Learn together.


Do you remember the European drama outfit in Korean drama? Sure winter is inseparable from the coats and turtleneck knit with, so of course we girls will not miss the fashion and warm turtleneck sweater style, Shang Ke Si ladies light purple turtleneck collar, collar and some lace The embellishment even more sweet, with a round neck jacket, just revealing the purple part of the high collar, very delicate.

高领针织衫配什么外套 高领打底衫搭配

The same high-necked sweater if you like, you can choose two different colors, with a different effect is also the choice of white turtleneck sweater is also more wild, with a round neck to wear a dress, not at all cold, Coupled with a coat, winter, you will feel more than wearing a jacket are not good to wear it?

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