Make money and fashion! From the perspective of you, teach you to buy rubies correctly.

Ruby is a corundum with only one red color (others are called colored sapphires). As the "king of gems", it has always been loved by female friends.

Its preciousness makes the buyer cautious and cautious, for fear of buying a loss. Of course, the online related science stickers are not seen, but you can't buy the ruby ​​that you like, why? In the final analysis, those posts are too ungrounded.


In fact, it is not so difficult to buy a good ruby.

1 We must first determine what is the purpose of our purchase?

Jewelry and jewelry are very open. The former can collect investment (worth), and the latter is mainly worn everyday (small value).

1. Investment:

If it is used for collecting investment, Baojie believes that for jewelry and jade, we must pay attention to a "negative lack of indiscriminate", rather than buying a bunch of small is not as good as buying a big, ruby ​​is also the case.

It is very rare now that the quality of the ruby ​​is more than 3ct, and more than 5ct is the collection of people at the Dagu level. There is also the most valuable pigeon blood red ruby ​​in ruby, the price is increasing day by day, and eggs, the rich people still buy and buy.

High energy ahead!

To collect rubies for investment purposes, be sure to ask the seller to provide an authoritative international certificate. Certificates not only prove true and false, but also prove value. After all, high-end gems like rubies can be directly circulated like gold in the world.


2. Daily wear: demanding loose

Since it is jewelry, you must first satisfy the hostess's preferences. Therefore, many times, don't be disturbed by the propaganda of the seller's rhetoric, the price is right, and you are very interested, you can start.

High energy ahead!

When many female friends buy jewelry, they always pursue the "price-performance ratio" thing. In fact, the psychological door is very clear. Expensive rubies are expensive, and cheap rubies have cheap reasons.

Frankly speaking, the ruby ​​used for jewelry is only loved by oneself, and then will be happy to wear it; it is easy to wear to reflect the value of a jewelry, or what is the difference between it and salted fish?

[about mosaic]

In recent years, the popular ruby ​​group is inlaid; it is also useful with gold inlaid rubies, which is more retro; and it is inlaid with platinum to highlight the color of ruby; if it is economical, silver inlay is the first choice, that is, the appearance is worse.


1 Buy rubies like a diamond!

The following content, although ruby ​​as an example, can be applied to other gemstones.

Diamond pays attention to 4 C, namely color, transparency, cut and weight. Among them, color is the most important indicator for Caibao. After all, color treasure, colorful treasure, how to treasure!

1. Color: red with a little purple

Red with a little purple hue, high saturation, medium to medium shade, is the most ideal ruby ​​color.

The so-called "red with a purple tone", some people will ask is it is red? wrong. In the colored gemstone rating, the red color is red with a pink hue, and such a colorful treasure can only be called pink sapphire.

High energy ahead!

If you can't make a fuss about purple tones and pink tones, then you're going to buy a red ruby, but the saturation must be enough.

The above said that "the medium tone is slightly darker" means that the gem should have a depth, and it should not be seen at a glance, but it is not shiny and dull.


2. The interior is clean, but not completely clean

Although buying ruby ​​or other colorful treasures, try to ask for clean interior, but it is absolutely clean and it is fake.

High energy ahead!

First, prepare a 10× magnifying glass to observe the gemstone; then, be sure to avoid buying gemstones with cracks extending to the surface.

In addition, when you look at it, don't confuse the natural inclusions such as gas and liquid and solid inclusions inside the gemstone.

Especially the ruby, a natural enrichment-filled color treasure, you are too in pursuit of innocence, this is to ask the seller to commit suicide to prove innocence!


3. Buy a regular cut ruby

Bao Jie suggested that no matter which kind of gem you buy, you should buy a normal cut.

Because sometimes, some merchants will cut the ruby ​​very thick in order to take care of it; sometimes, in order to improve the transparency, it will be cut very thinly (you can use this to bargain with the other party).

[About no burning gem]

If you are not bad, then you can start without burning gems! After all, the jewels that have been optimized or processed have been discounted in value.

However, according to national regulations, ruby ​​heating can excavate its own beauty, so sellers do not need to specifically declare, still sell as natural gemstones.

High energy ahead!

The important thing is repeated again. Whether you are buying a collection of investment, or wearing jewelry, or pursuing natural and no burning, when you buy it, you should see if there are some authoritative international certificates such as GIA, GRS, GCI, etc. The identity and value of the identification is necessary.

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