Arts and Crafts: Creative Links Traditional and Contemporary

Arts and Crafts: Creative Links Traditional and Contemporary

In recent years, driven by commercial interests, there have been some unhealthy trends in the domestic culture and arts community, such as the proliferation of various selection activities, the relationship during the selection process, and the number of people's votes, and the arts and crafts community has not been spared. These phenomena directly affect the standards and credibility of art judgments, which in turn hinder the healthy development of the arts and crafts industry.

"Zhengyan Cup", as the highest level award for Fujian's arts and crafts, has maintained its public welfare and authoritative principles since its inception. As a representative of the art critics, the reporter participated in this award and fully felt the fairness and strictness of the organizing committee.

Cultural Improvement Leading the Industry Transformation The current "Shengyan Cup" was exhibited in Putian Arts and Crafts City and was held at the same time as the 10th China (Putian) Strait Arts & Crafts Fair. During the awards period, the reporter visited the Art Fair and had in-depth exchanges with some exhibitors and artists. The topics most talked about when people meet are the current low status of artworks and handicrafts, and how the industry will transform and find a way out.

A Dehua porcelain master told reporters that the adjustment of the market in the long run is a good thing for the development of the entire arts and crafts industry. Because when the market was hot, as long as there was a name and a relationship, it was able to get a list of consumer prices, regardless of the level of technology, can sell a good price. Because the market is driven by the “gift economy”, it does not care much about artistic creativity and craftsmanship. Now, when consumers or collectors buy their own money and ask for nature to be different, they will be carefully selected to make higher demands on the artist's creation. Therefore, the entire industry must pay attention to originality and improve the cultural content and artistic value of the work.

Yan Weiping, director of the "Zhengyan Cup" Competition Organizing Committee and Dean of the Provincial Academy of Arts and Crafts, believes that there are some new trends that are worth noting in this contest. Many craft ceramic creations boldly try new themes and apply new ideas. . For example, sculpture techniques and material innovations are gradually being integrated into the Dehua porcelain and plastic arts, achieving certain breakthroughs in their creation. Wood carvings and root carvings also have some excellent works. In the past few years, there was a general tendency in the field of wood carving to sway heavy art materials, as if the works made with aloes, sandalwood, and rosewood were good works, it was not. Some of the participating works of this time can see the author's heavy material and heavy arts. This “art” includes craftsmanship, craftsmanship and creativity. Like "The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove", the open-carving and fine-grained craftsmanship is played incisively, and its artistic conception is memorable.

The traditional recovery and the problems facing the restoration and development of Jianye are undoubtedly the most striking phenomenon in the current “Shenzhen Cup”. Jian'an's famous ancient kiln built in Jianyang city was famous for its use as a royal tea set for the Song Dynasty, but its history of firing has long been interrupted. Under the organization of the Jianye Association, a total of more than 40 companies and 50 authors participated in the “Zhenyan Cup”. In order to expand its influence, the organizing committee set up a special booth for it, and listed it separately in the awards. Judging from the entries, regardless of device type, craftsmanship and beauty, they have reached a certain level. The main issue facing the company at the moment is inheritance and recovery, so that the "little environment" of creation and collection will slowly heat up, and it is hopeful to regain its glory in the future.

There are 15 major categories of dozens of craft varieties participating in this contest. For some categories such as puppet head carvings and cork paintings that are on the verge of disappearing, the organizing committee has given a certain degree of inclination in the awards to encourage practitioners to pass on. Creative enthusiasm.

Participating experts also discovered regrets and deficiencies in some traditional craft projects. For example, the creation of lacquer lacquer is basically stagnant, lacks new ideas, and only attaches importance to decoration and does not attach importance to practicality. It neither seeks artistic value nor pursues practical value. The direction of development remains to be explored. In the development process of traditional craftsmanship, on the one hand, it is necessary to attach importance to protection. On the other hand, we must also pay attention to cultural creativity and modern awareness. We must not be conservative and be complacent.

According to Yu Weiping, the Fujian Arts and Crafts Industry Development Promotion Center and the Fujian Provincial Arts and Crafts Institute plan to launch the “Biennial Arts and Crafts Biennale” intertwined with the “Zhengyan Cup”, mainly based on creative innovation, through cultural creativity and technology. Innovation will guide the transformation of the entire industry from relying on labor processing to enhancing cultural added value. Only when traditional arts and crafts reintegrates into contemporary life can they truly awaken their vitality.

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