The meaning of pink crystal

Crystal is a special kind of jewelry that looks very pleasing and crystal clear on the surface. How much do you know about pink crystal? Today, Xiaobian will accompany you to the meaning of pink crystal, let's take a look!

The meaning of pink crystal

What is pink crystal

Pink crystal is powder crystal. Powder crystal (Rose crystal), a kind of quartz stone, also known as Furong stone or rose crystal, is a famous love gem. The texture of the powder crystal is brittle, and it contains a trace amount of titanium to form a pink color. If it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will lose its original delicate color. The common artificial processing method is dyeing. Pure quartz allows UV, visible, and infrared light to pass through a range of wavelengths, with optical, piezoelectric, and electrostrictive properties. Transparency ranges from impervious to translucent to transparent, but very clear and bright natural crystals, which we call starlight powder crystals.

The meaning of pink crystal

The meaning and use of pink crystal, pink crystal, also known as Furong crystal, is a hexagonal crystal, pink, delicate, and transparent powder crystal, corresponding to the heart wheel, representing love. Therefore, the pink crystal is known as the "stone of love."

The meaning and use of pink crystal, pink crystal with left hand: can bring a good love. Bring the right hand: Bring light to the secret love. Pink crystal can also correspond to the heart wheel, which can help the heart, lungs, immune system, lymph glands, and thymus function. It is said to have a soothing function on physiological phenomena such as heartache, heart disease, high blood pressure, nervousness, insomnia, and anger.

The meaning and use of pink crystal, people who are often poor in interpersonal relationship due to various factors, wearing powder crystal makes you more inclusive and empathetic, can improve the situation of poor interpersonal relationship, let you be everywhere welcome. Pink crystal can also improve impatience, straightforwardness, and lack of patience, enhance affinity, improve interpersonal relationships and bring love.

The meaning and use of powder crystal, the crystal crystal name of Furong stone, there are four kinds of ordinary powder crystal, hibiscus powder crystal, ice powder crystal, star powder crystal. The powder crystal main development heart wheel strengthens the health of heart and lung function. It can relax tension, relieve irritability, help deepen the heart, and discover self-improvement. The powder crystals exude a gentle and attractive pink light, which can help improve interpersonal relationships, enhance the relationship between people and business, and is the best tool for opening a door to do business. Powder crystal can enhance the pink light in its own gas field. Pink is the color of love god Venus showing love, which can increase the heterosexuality, and it is the best stone of love. Pink crystal wears the left hand to soften one's own temperament, and wearing the right hand can enhance its appeal to the outside world.

It can be seen that pink crystal is not only the best stone of love, but also has certain benefits for people's physical and mental health. Friends who like it can often wear pink crystal jewelry.

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