Emerald and Hetian jade which is better

Which is better for jade and hetian jade? For a friend who likes jade and Hetian jade, which one do you think is good? Of course, different people have different opinions on this, let's take a look at it.

Emerald and Hetian jade which is better

"Where is Hetian jade and jadeite?" This seemingly simple question is really difficult to answer. This question is actually related to "whether it is good to collect Hetian jade or collect jade." These issues are closely related.

Hetian jade belongs to nephrite, and jadeite belongs to jadeite. The gemological characteristics of the two components are different. In the market, you can see the high price of Hetian jade and jade, you can also see the price of cabbage and Hetian jade and jade. In fact, this problem is really complicated. If the jade wool is of the same grade, the price of jadeite is usually slightly more expensive than that of Hetian jade, but the price of jade jewelry and Hetian jade carving is difficult to compare, and they are all scarce top jade.

It can be said that "the benevolent sees the wise and sees the wisdom! It is still your own." It can also be said that "Jade is known as the "King of Jadeite" in the world and Hetian jade is called "King of Nephrite". They are two distinct jade. Jade is relative to Hetian jade, its hardness is high due to its internal It belongs to the fiber interlaced structure, so Hetian jade has a particularly strong flexibility, especially good stability, and is not easy to break. You can buy a superior sheep fat jade with the same money, but you can't buy a cargo jade.

Hetian jade and jade are two kinds of jade which are the most high-grade and highest value jade. You can choose according to your own different needs. Each has its own strengths to look at personal preferences. Xinjiang Hetian jade has good as a sheep. White jade, high-quality and field seed, glass, and ice jade are also hard to come by. I believe that as everyone learns about natural jade, the average consumer who likes Hetian jade and jade will definitely be more and more.

I believe that as you learn more about Jade and Hetian jade, you will like these two things more.

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