Baiyang Lake Warp Knitting

Baiyang Lake Warp Knitting Baoding Baiyang Lake Warp Knitting is a traditional handicraft. There are many skilled craftsmen in the water town. Their woven woven products are not only made from the white glutinous rice dumplings of Baiyangdian, but also have strong local characteristics. The woven woven products for export include five varieties of vertical curtains, wire curtains, fence curtains, and enamel ceilings.

The vertical curtain uses 8 mm thick boring bars in series. Line curtains are made of brown ropes, which are made of peeled tweezers and woven by precision craftsmanship. They are mainly used as curtains for curtains and curtains for living rooms. They are both practical articles and accessories. The fence is made of Daipi braids and used to change clothes and flowerbeds on the beach.苇 The ceiling is made of two or more layers of enamel woven into different patterns, and then glued to plywood. It is mainly used as the ceiling of the room's wall panels and roofs. Its patterns are cross pattern, square pattern, triangle pattern, herringbone pattern, Peppery eyes and other flowers, the use of enamel ceilings to decorate the interior sophistication, so that people feel in the natural scenery.

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