Crystal care and cleaning crystal degaussing

Why do you want to degauss the crystal? Crystal cleaning is also called crystal degaussing. Because crystal is intelligent and affectionate, it will remember all the things that people have touched. Therefore, a piece of crystal may retain the memory of others, maybe some bad negative energy. It will even affect the crystal owner. So the crystal you just bought, when you wear it for the first time, be sure to purify the degaussing, zero the inner message, and cultivate the crystal that truly belongs to you. Especially as a crystal for treatment, because it absorbs the negative energy in the patient's body, it must be cleaned, otherwise it will destroy the life and brilliance of the crystal.

Crystal care and cleaning crystal degaussing

The following are several common degaussing methods for crystal.

1. Crystal hole, crystal cluster purification method

Put the crystal on the natural crystal cluster or in the crystal hole, you can achieve a very good purification effect. After a full day of wearing, the crystal is housed in a crystal cavity or cluster on the back of the crystal. The vibration energy (continuous and stable) emitted by the crystal cavity or cluster can effectively remove the crystal. Negative energy, and recharge, the effect can be so good. The crystal hole and the crystal cluster are the stronger the effect, but do not put dozens of crystals in the same crystal cavity or crystal cluster, the purification effect will be compromised.

2. Daylighting method

Put the crystal in the sun for a few hours, let nature's most powerful force help your crystal purification. But remember, this method does not apply to colored stones such as amethyst, citrine or powder crystal, because these crystals contain other elements such as Fe (iron), Cu (copper), etc. Oxidation or high temperature can easily change the molecular structure in the crystal and fade.

3. Low temperature purification method

Crystal is a high-density gemstone, and there is usually a crack in the inside. After the freezing temperature of the freezer, the crystal will become extremely fragile, especially most of the pendants have crystal pendants like K gold, silver, etc. because of the ore. Different from the ductility of the metal, the part that penetrates the hole may be loosened after the change of the temperature difference. In addition, after the crystal is placed in the freezer for one night, don't want to say that it is directly flushed when you wear it. If you do it right away, crystal Will split. Therefore, to use this method, you must let it slowly decompose naturally. Before putting it into the freezer, first seal the crystal with a safety seal bag or a safety film (to prevent the odor of other foods from getting into the crystal), and put the crystal in the refrigerator and the refrigerator for one night to achieve the purification effect.

4. Net incense degaussing method

It is to use sandalwood, agarwood, point a plate, or use the "fragrance" and "fragrant branch" when worshipping God. It is ignited, and the smoke that is burned by its spices can purify the energy field around it. Friends don't neglect the effect of "fragrance". Look at it's ethereal, flying around, there is no sense of solidity, it seems that there is no feeling of power, and is it worried that it is effective? In fact, this "fragrance" is very powerful. It can not only condense time and space, but also transform time and space. If you don't see God, please God, ask things, talk about it, use incense at any time, we just use "fragrance" In the interlacing of time and space, we have achieved the role of "degaussing" and "cleaning". It is considered to be a big material, a small knife, and a good test. Friends do not have to worry. In fact, the net degaussing method is probably one of the most convenient and effective methods of all degaussing methods! Generally, in various crystal ore shops, things are much bigger and bigger. How can the hundreds of kilograms of ore be easily moved to the sun and to soak the sea salt? The net scent degaussing method is the most commonly used method by store owners. Many times, the newly bought scent is not easy to ignite, or it is extinguished when it is half-burned. Friends can prepare iron spoons, mix the new end with the old ash, and add a little more smoke. They will pile them all together and ignite them from the top, and gradually a lot of smoke will come out. Sometimes, one accidentally, too much fragrant, wow, the smoke appeared like the Indians, the Boy Scouts asking for help, like the "wolf smoke" burned by the ancient beacon tower, scared to death! Therefore, on the pottery plate, the fragrant scent is made into a long strip type, or a circular type or a semi-circular type. When it is ignited at one end, it will burn slowly along the way, which is mild, does not lick the nose, and can burn for a little longer. . Nowadays, you can use aromatherapy essential oils, which are neither smog nor the dangers of burning incense (fire, etc.), but the effect is not worse than burning incense (remember to use essential oils, not to add chemicals) Essential oil).

5. Saturated brine degaussing method

Among all the degaussing methods, the best effect is the saturated brine method and the soil burial method. This method should be used for the initial degaussing of most crystals. The method is to use sea salt (that is, coarse salt, refined edible salt can also be dissolved in ordinary water until it can no longer be dissolved), which is saturated brine. It can be used in washbasins, baths, bowls, cups and buckets. The materials are not limited. Plastic, wood, aluminum, iron, pottery and porcelain can be used. As long as you can flood the crystal ore to be degaussed. What is important is that the sea salt water can drown the crystal over the head, and the material of the container is not limited. The soaking time has been at least 48 hours for the first time. It is recommended to soak it up in the evening, then go to sleep, pick it up the next morning, rinse the water, wipe the towel roughly, no longer drip, put Just let it dry naturally. If there are many crystal ores, it can be done together with seawater brine, no need to trouble separate the bubbles. After the bubble has passed, the sea salt water will be dumped, and it is not necessary to keep it for the next time. Sea salt is very cheap, and can be bought in aquariums and farmers' associations. Otherwise, some small-scale crystal ore shops will be available. In case some minerals are easy to rust, such as pyrite, pyrite, black gallstone, golden sun, natural copper, nickel iron meteorite, natural silver, electroplating jewelry, etc., or may be soluble in water or extremely fragile will be washed by water Scattered, such as azurite, zeolite, mica, transparent gypsum, desert rose, or calcite, various fluorite, or stringed with silk, metal-encrusted, accessories with accessories, etc., are not suitable for soaking in water.

6. Mind purification method

Crystal can also achieve the purifying effect if it is blessed by the master or the master (if it is a friend who has been practicing for a long time, it is better). It is quite a blessing to have a master purifying blessing (opening). When you have time, you can take your beloved crystal to recite the Great Compassion or the Heart Sutra. The effect is even better. Whether it is the balance energy of the crystal or your own cultivation, it is the best choice, and there is a very good. The advantage is that the frequency of the crystal and its own frequency are completely unified.

7. Stream water purification method

Bring the crystal to a stream that is not polluted, and the crystal can be cleaned by the positive energy of nature. But it must be purified in the stream with flowing stream water. It is not meaningful to take the stream home to clean the crystal bowl.

8. Living water cleaning method

Open your own faucet (the effect of the water purifier is better), put the crystal in a small plate, rinse your crystal for about ten minutes, and then dry it in the sun or in the shade, it will also have a purifying effect.

9. Earth Buried Method

Land burial is one of the powerful methods. For example, the crystals worn by people who are sick at home are recommended to use the land burial method. After all, the crystal is born from the earth, and the crystal is returned to the original place. The best, but remember to have unpolluted land, time is limited, it is recommended that more than a month will be better. This method is risky, that is, it may be painful if you forget to bury it and find it, or if you are attached to someone else.

10. Temples have been fragrant

When going to the temple, bring the crystal to the temple to purify it. It is recommended that it be a popular temple or know that the temple of its own god is best. Crystal can feel the mana blessing, the smoke is fragrant, and full of good kindness and ideas. The whole space is also full of positive and positive magnetic fields. The method is to take the crystal and the incense in the hands at the same time, say your own wish for blessing, and remember to let the crystal in your hand get the blessing and blessing of the gods. After the worship, in the incense burner of the gods Above, the left three circles, the right three circles, and then the two palms merged to put the crystal in the palm, sincerely thank God for the protection and blessing, the entire purification process is finished. This method is applied uniformly to the gods worshipped at home, and has the same effect.

11. Church blessing law

Different purification methods can also be used because of differences in religion. In principle, as long as it is a religion that you sincerely believe in, it basically has the effect of purifying and helping. Catholic and Christian friends can bring crystals to the church, let the powerful power of God and the Lord help you purify and pray, if you can, it is also a great purification power to wash your crystals, if you can do it, Gospel songs or prayers have the same function.

12. Music purification method

If you can, put the crystal in a peaceful and positive music space, because music and color will bring different magnetic fields and frequencies. Suggestions such as Buddhist music, gospel songs of Western teachings, crystal music of nature, etc. , can make the crystal get the effect of charging and purifying.

Regardless of the purification method, you must rely on your crystal at all times when you wear the crystal. You often talk to him and trust him. The crystal will release more powerful power than usual to help you. Because it strengthens its beliefs, the body will automatically release more static electricity and energy than usual. After feeling your magnetic field, the crystal will start to give more energy than usual to your body, so that you can make things happen. .

13. Hair Degaussing

Whether it is the cool southwesterly wind or the cold northeast wind, you can take the crystal out and let it boast for one night. It is also a good degaussing method.

14. Rainwater degaussing method

The rainwater here is not like any rainwater that can be used on some websites. It should be rainwater that is not thunderstorming, especially the first spring rain in spring. The rain is dirty. But inside it contains a huge breath of life, the dirty look can be completely eliminated by filtering.

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