Shishi joint interpretation of the 2014 new season casual fabric show

A few days ago, the autumn and winter 2014 release of casual fabrics trends, the new season of casual fabrics in the model body get a better interpretation of a very stylish fabric firmly grasp the attention of professional audiences. Shishi City, the famous cloth enterprises Taiwan Long, Creative Arts, the Federal Sanhe, Jinli, the British family, ternary, Yisheng, new Wang Hing, trade Sheng, Tung Lung common interpretation of fabric visual feast, the "show" contains A wide range of the latest technology components, both hollow fiber, yarn-dyed yarn, such as the latest fiber permutations and combinations, but also the latest technology research and development production of chemical fiber transfer printing, thin fabrics, healthy fabrics and other functional fabrics, which also from another One side reflects the local fabric enterprises vying for fashion discourse, but tirelessly strengthen product development and technological innovation to enhance product added value. Known for its two major collections of "men's casual wear and outdoor sports", the local fabrics are mainly made of innovative fabrics such as cotton, chemical fiber, knitwear, leisure and functional fabrics. Through this fashion show, local top fabrics are more directly displayed , Highlighting the unique industrial advantages of enterprises in casual fabrics. Shishi fabric reputation, with local enterprises to increase innovation is inseparable. As a popular fashion fabric release base in China and China's casual trade business city, Shishi fabric enterprises in the popular fabric research and development success, has aroused widespread concern in the industry. Taiwan Long, the Federal Sanhe, the new Dafa, Jinli, Gage and other industry-leading fabric enterprises spared no expense to invest each year to develop a large number of new products; the same time, held a fabric trend release activities, which greatly enhance the market visibility and influence force. Shishi fabric enterprises driven by the downstream demand, the pulse trend to lock in research and development trends. This year, the Shishi Tai Lung Group, the federal Sanhe and other industry leaders in response to changing market trends and downstream demand, through innovative technologies, grasp the trend and enhance the design concept, developed a series of summer fashion for fabric products, from the climate Changes in the mining business opportunities. Fabric enterprises to go high-tech development path has become one of the industry highlights. Shishi City, private enterprises in the "second pioneering" advocacy and promotion, Shishi fabrics burst out of a greater sense of innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, Shishi backbone fabrics enterprises, according to the overall requirements of Shishi "Orient Milan" strategy and implementation plan, continue to speed up product mix adjustment, increase product development efforts, technological innovation as the starting point, and strive to develop more and newer products Variety.

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