Zhuowei Le teach you how to create a sense of fashion like a small seven Harper

Lead: As David Beckham and Victoria's daughter, the small seven fashion and sports circle super darling. Take a look at our little seven, one appearance is the focus of the lens, maybe you will think that it is impossible to build a child like a small seven, where everything is possible, to remember that children's wear to see the parents Grade! Can not afford to wear an international brand, does not mean that can not mix the fashion circle, the following small class to teach you: how to create your home children, making street shooting possible! Look! Light yellow daisies, gently floating skirt, and the small seven Harper have a song of the same purpose? Not necessarily have to buy the same paragraph, fasten the Department of color powder pants, a little more lively and playful, in comparison, more than a small seven girls add flavor too! Maybe pink is the little girl's favorite, but the white like a falling angel, pure and rich fairy, in contrast, really have their own merits. So for the little boys, it seems simple, T + shorts always with the trend, plus small straw hat, feel more integrated with the forest. If you think with too simple, may wish to match the cool little sunglasses, walking on the road, you are street shooting models!

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