The attack on the "fan" Wang Cheng big black cattle Li Chen is to wear

This June 11 hearing, Fan Ye and Li Chen's relationship finally open! One is the noble and noble queen, and one is the black bull that sells the ground gas. Put the two people together, what do you think?

The attractiveness of the black cow lies in the rough and rough feeling, but the people who have seen the running man know that this is a warm male student who is meticulous, plays, sells, and plays with a treasure. The private dress is simple and comfortable, and the formal occasion is a type of money. Elegant gentleman, how could the poor taste of the man who captured the queen of Van? We look at the hard goods of the black cow!

There is an incredible irresistible charm for elegant men's dresses, college stripes, and maverick prints. Although there are some changes every season, the only constant is the noble temperament and charm. The young yuppies can learn the suits of black cows' whole body prints, and then use a touch of bright color to refresh the level; but also pay attention to a degree, unless it is a tropical vacation to have no taboos, follow the modern city's sons keep in mind Low-key luxury can better reflect good taste and good conservation. The trend of good sons get it right!

For the first time in Li Chen, he saw a “romantic” gas field. It was the three-piece suit of the British style that showed his good taste. Since its appearance, it has successfully captured the rich and powerful elites of the upper class with its rigorous style features. Today's three-piece collection can also be very sultry. Yes, you are not mistaken, the same type of single product can also wear different Fan Er, this three-piece body of the black oxen brings a powerful visual shock, muscular men suddenly gentleman and literary. Where does the literary atmosphere come from? Don't forget that it's the spirit that hits geometrical items and creates atmosphere with stripes and wave tie. The old school gentleman Fan Ye certainly will not miss.

The combination of warm man and ice cream color is always very seductive, ice cream blue is definitely a proud existence, you want to wear it first of all, you can not have a beer belly or bamboo lean; second you have to ensure that you have a bit of literature or a bit gas.

If you have a type, then ice cream blue is definitely a must-have style to create elegant style, of course, through a different degree of blue will be more eye-catching! Not only increases the overall sense of the layering, but also make the whole The shape is more chic. The big black cow wearing the blue sky and white clouds is like moving an oxygen machine. It is fresh and pleasant, and it does not meet the expectations of a gentleman. It seems that Fan Ye also loves collagen meat.

The tall, strong man must not miss the double-breasted suit. This kind of service has been closely linked with the men's rights since the 1920s, and has been given more young colors under the designer's ingenuity. Black Cow this year Dolce & Gabbana 2015 spring show field with infinite enthusiasm Sicilian culture is brightening, Bull Terrier print extended from the Spanish bullfighting culture has become a young sense of fashion, more implied 'big black cow' label , Choose a narrow tie combination with a complete visual collision, but the effect is amazing. Of course, I would like to imitate Muzi Ri Chen go retro luxury with Jacquard, velvet suits, with a retro style collar, plus that silk pocket towel, tie clips and other small things embellishment style, I believe that master these principles, you can easily get started . It seems that Fan Ye loves the gorgeous prince.

The permit is a matter of morning and evening. Black cattle participate in this body of Tiffany & Co., and there is a kind of groom immediately. Neatly tailored tuxedo suits, complete with accordion pleated shirts, and black carved derby shoes to evoke exquisite gentleman feelings. But even more colorful is the wonderful accessories selection, satin bow tie, pocket towel, luxury watch, can be savored out for a long time alone, taste, equipment seems simple, but the details are not monotonous. The original Fan Ye did not have the same resistance to the perfect gentleman. At the wedding, Fan Ye must be full of surprises. He hopes that the big black cattle green leaves will bring us more surprises! (This website - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. : Lo Man Qi shoes)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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