Clothing color matching and understanding, set South Korean fashion Korean lady guide you to do fine woman

Winter Run in September came a little bit late, but for those who like fashion Korean style women, decorate their own at this time is the best time, set South Korea No. Korean fashion Shu women guide you to do fine woman.


First, the three primary colors: red, yellow, blue

Second, the color of the property:
Hue: color appearance, red, blue, green ... 
Brightness: Brightness
Purity: purity, purity

three. Color characteristics:
Expansibility: Brightness, high purity color with visual expansion effect. 
Warm and cold: cool color, warm color, neutral color
Lightness: Brightness, lower purity of the color texture larger
Advance and retreat: a unified plane, first of all, is our eyesight is bright, high purity color


Fourth, the color of the image and use

1. Warm colors (red, orange, yellow): warm, warm, festive 
More applicable: Winter festivals  Personally passionate people  Skin pale people  Weight-loss people

2. Cool (blue, green, purple): cold, refreshing 
More applicable: Summer fat people

3. neutral color (black, white, gray): simple, serious, authoritative, dignified and individual 
More applicable: Professional wear  Formal occasions  Personality dress up


Five, 1) the basic methods of color matching: similar colors with, contrasting colors, color echoed the law, not with the color to find neutral color. 2) Color Matters needing attention: Too warm and too cold colors should not be matched, try to avoid the whole body color is exactly the same, when the coat color to 2, you can use the color echo method, bright, bright clothing, and white matching the best . 3) shoes and accessories with the color: shoes and pants of similar colors, shoes and jacket color echoed, shoes and belts, bags of color shouts.

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