Xuanhua Warring States Red Agate Raises a Collection of Hot

Recently, the first Xuanhua Warring States Red Agate Jewelry Culture Expo was successfully concluded in 2014, and Xuanhua Warring States Red has thus raised a wave of collections. During the National Day, the Warring States Red Onyx Trading Market in Yanganan Town of Xuanhua County was filled with agate collectors from all over the country. The Xuanhua Warring States Red, which has few cracks and rich colors, became the favorite of many fashion and personality lovers.

In the Xuanhua Yangnan Warring States Red Onyx trading market, the booths were filled with citizens asking for prices, including agate products and the Warring States Red Rock. One stall owner said that on the first day of the National Day, he sold more than a dozen pieces of the original red agate stone of the Warring States.

The Warring States Red was called Warring States Red because it resembled some agates in the relics unearthed during the Warring States Period. As early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Xuanhua Warring States Red Agate had a certain amount of mining and processing, and the price of Warring States Red "all the way up" has only begun in recent years. A collector's lover said: "The price of Warring States Red is still very low in the past few years, and a bracelet is also tens of dollars. Around 2012, the Warring States red agate products gradually warmed up in the collection circle, and the people who invested in the Warring States Red also More, this year, the price of Warring States Red has increased by about 1 times compared to the original, the price of the Warring States red rough stone from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Local residents talked about the quarrying area of ​​Ta'er Village and Shenjing Town in the southern mountainous area of ​​Xuanhua County, saying that “the former poor mountain has now become Baoshan”, and many local residents have gradually become richer by digging stones.

A merchant who has been engaged in the Warring States Red Business for many years said: "The Warring States Red hardness is high, the carving is difficult, and the yield is low. Therefore, the price of the finished products of the Warring States Red Carvings is relatively expensive, some of the colors are pure, and the red and yellow scorpions are One stone, the price is even higher." One Tibetan also said that in fact, there is still a main reason for the heat collection in the Warring States Period, that is, the price of jade and jade, such as Hetian jade and jade, is still high, and the industrial chain structure is complete, while the Warring States Red is not big, but the color is beautiful. And the market awareness is not high, so there is great potential for merchants and collectors.

Faced with hundreds of thousands of Warring States Red, many citizens have questioned that "the market is not yet mature, the price of the original stone will be bullish all the way, can this market be accepted?" The relevant experts said that the development of Warring States Red needs to establish a region. The economic development model of chemicalization, scale and standardization, the establishment of relevant organizations, the overall planning of market conditions, the promotion of the cultural connotation of the Warring States, the strengthening of the production of the Warring States Red Crafts, and the lack of sales.

It is understood that in 2013, Xuanhua Qingquan Warring States Red Onyx Trading Market Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of the Xuanhua Qingquan Warring States Red Onyx trading market, and built a platform for centralized shopping for agate collectors and merchants engaged in agate business across the country. . In November 2013, Xuanhua County established the China Shanggu Warring States Red Association, which currently has nearly 10,000 registered members and has become a national red-agate exchange platform for the Warring States.

During the Cultural Tourism Investment Promotion Conference held during the Warring States Red Agate Expo, the development plan of Xuanhua County's economy, culture and tourism was introduced while promoting the Warring States Red Agate culture. In the face of the future, Xuanhua County actively invites investment, Hebei Zhenghua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. plans to build the original agate trading market, including the construction of jewelry, agate market, including tea wholesale, small commodities, star hotels, etc. Small Commodities International Mall. “Small Stones” not only set off the collection heat, but also will drive the economic development of Yanghe South Town in Xuanhua County.

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