Do you know flannel and coral fleece?

Do you know flannel and coral fleece?

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Both flannel and coral velvet are fabrics with soft fluff on the surface for a comfortable fit and warmth. But in terms of craftsmanship and raw materials, the two fabrics are completely different. St. Fulai Home Textiles introduces you from these two points:

1. Raw materials:

Flannel is a kind of soft and suede wool fabric from Wales in the United Kingdom. It feels very soft to the touch. It is suitable for men's and women's tops or trousers. The color is pure and generous. In order to have light gray, medium gray, dark gray, the flannel is high in weight, the plush is relatively fine and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is high, and the warmth is good. The flannel is made of wool raw material, while the coral fleece is made of polyester fiber. The flannel fabric is thicker and the fluff density is very tight. The coral fleece has excellent softness, no irritation to the skin, and it also has no It has a series of advantages such as hair loss, no ball and no color drop. Not only that, but its appearance is beautiful and the color is novel. The texture of coral fleece is very suitable for pajamas, and it is widely welcomed by the public in the domestic market.

2. Process:

The process used in the two fabrics is also different.

The flannel fabric will be dyed before the weaving, and the original color wool will be blended and weaved. The twill and flat weave are generally used, and the fluffing and napping are also required.

The weaving process of coral fleece fabric is mainly heated, deformed, cooled, shaped, etc. The weaving process is also improved and upgraded year by year, and new processes are added to make the fabric more rich in layering and rich colors.

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