Be sure to learn to "raise" jade, value can be maximized! ! !

You may never have heard of jade, but jade does not need to be cured, it is really difficult to become a good jade.

The concept of species has been deeply rooted in people's minds. There are "old" and "tender" species. The "old" crystal grains are fine, the crystal gap is fine, the "nen" crystal grains are coarse, the crystal gap is wide, and the crystal gap is contained. Moisture. The place where the jade is produced, the surrounding environment contains a lot of water, and the water molecules in the jade are very rich. In areas with heavy water shortage, it is natural to not maintain water loss, especially those kinds of thick jade water is easier to lose water. When it is dehydrated, it will become dry. When it is dry, it will produce smashing and cracking. If it is split, the jade will lose its beauty.

The "old" jade has a very fine grain gap so that it can maintain its original head and remain permanent.

Maintenance is not simply to take it out, but to wear it regularly to prevent external damage.

Protecting the shape of the jewelry from external damage, but not affecting its internal water loss. In fact, the best and most practical way to "conserve" is to wear it as a human ornament, regardless of whether it is in the human body. Which part of the body has a small environment of warm body. Frequently, it will add Cui's water loss, make it moist, and the water head will be improved. Some "cotton" and "floss" can be dissipated and changed. This is called "people raise jade."

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