Wear a straight dress in summer fat? Straight dress with what shoes

Straight dress is not to be missed this summer trend of a single product, different from the self-cultivation sexy voluptuous, but also different from the sweet retro umbrella skirt, straight skirt is the best interpretation of temperament, three-dimensional tailoring, upright texture, style Refined, the gas field rises, and it is very inclusive of wearing high, do not need the proud on the Wai, do not need slender waist, with stylish high heels, and even a small girl can take the glamor!

Simple white straight skirt, big chest personalized eye printing patterns, very pretty steal the spotlight, the clever design of sleeves and a very good modification of the arm lines, and very reasonable cut and neat style modeling, with nude color Fish head high heels, a playful ball hairstyle, make fashion peak.


Geometric printing is the trend of the season elements, glittering Macaron green dress straight out of color, plus a yellow lapel and cuffs yellow stitching, so the whole color is very fresh. Waist yellow waistband, so that the chest becomes plump and more slender waist, and the dress sleeve design is very elegant, with a gray shoes, so that the overall shape of the charm.

Photo Source: a woman ran

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