Victorian flower jewels romantic half a century

The Victorian flowers are romantic and luxurious, the branches of the beautiful times are stretched, the flowers of the New Art period are enchanting, the flowers of different eras are full of charm, and the times are also unforgettable because of those flowers.

Fabergé The Cherry Egg Necklace

Queen Victoria leads the trend of flower and jewelry

Victorian bouquet headdress, composed of violets, forget-me-nots, wild roses and "trembling" butterflies, collection of the British Museum

Victorian Victorian flowery romantic half century

Time: from the mid-19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, Victoria

Queen's reign

Because of the generation of the queen, and the achievement of a generation of artistic style, this is the Victorian era of tenderness and nostalgia. At that time, the jewellery design was full of flowers and romantic luxury. People loved Victoria, sang with colorful and full-bodied floral jewels, and used gold and precious stones to solidify the flowers in an instant of eternal bloom.

The most recognizable feature of the times

In the Victorian era, the Queen knew everything about the flower lovers. The rose that symbolizes love, the lily that represents loyalty, and the marigold flower that symbolizes affection, are in full bloom in her greenhouse, so the flower jewellery made of diamonds became the most popular jewellery of that era. At that time, the flower jewels were often complicated in shape, surrounded by religious branches of diamonds, and embellished with magnificent giant main stones, highlighting the elegant and feminine style. Surrounded by tiny diamonds or other gems around the ornate main stone, they form the shape of a radial sun flower. It is one of the typical shapes of Victorian jewels. It comes from the engagement ring that Prince Albert gave to his wife.

Known as the "romantic period" of Victoria, the neoclassical ideas inspired people to draw designs from the Middle Ages and nature, originating from the Greek-Roman style and the natural world-related patterns, such as the foliage, ivy, flowers and branches, Grape bunches, etc., can best reflect the elegance and luxury of women. Later, after the artist John Ruskin's theory that "the beauty of quaintness is the real beauty" was published, the new women who were mavericks even began to dress themselves with real flowers and leaves. In the late 1880s, it can be said that after the mid-Victoria period, the research on the species of animals and plants was quite popular, which also caused resonance in the field of jewelry. In the so-called Victorian "art period", under the proposal of the artist Rose King "emphasis on natural forms", people even wear real flowers like jewels.

The most popular flower language

When Queen Victoria began to rule the UK, she was only 18 years old. The young queen has both wealth and romance, as well as literature and art, so the flowers that represent the power of women bloom in every corner of the British Empire and spread throughout Europe.

Orange flowers: chaste, pure, cute

Rose: symbolizes love

Lily: Representing Loyalty

Calendula: meaning family

Lily, sunflower, poppy, forget-me-not: guardian

Carnation: symbolizing engagement

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