Card Sibel brand underwear natural beauty is really beautiful

See more makeup and artificial beauty, is not it also began to desire to return to the natural beauty? Woman, "you are beautiful", Kessel Bell brand underwear understands your beautiful attitude, blooming your charm, without restraint, has nothing to do with the size, the curve is the truth.


Small chest does not matter, with it, with sexy cleavage is no longer a dream. On the thin under the thick cup effectively gather the chest, invisible steel ring to strengthen the supporting effect, to avoid sagging and shifting, widening the next bit and broaden the side complement each other, the underarm underage and excess fat sow chest Before the effective lock does not return.

卡诗贝尔品牌内衣  自然美才是真的美

Full coverage of the cup is more suitable for the fullness of the chest MM, supporting the effect of natural than the general underwear is better, no droop illusion, and designers bold use of pink as the main body, dark red water soluble lace decoration, the overall LOOK No less sexy than black.

Satchel, as the name suggests, is a bag that can be slanted back. Bags are no longer the exclusive right of women. Bags have become one of the personal belongings of men going out, especially the sloping bag, which is not only convenient but also generous. The structure design of the satchel determines the practical, durable and comfortable performance of the bag.

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