Summer workplace female small fragrance set with

Each girl has its own characteristics, have their own advantages and disadvantages, as long as the selection of small fragrance for their own suit, you can also wear very charming. Xiao Bian today for the women in the workplace recommended two sets of small fashion fragrance with a suit, out of the commuter's temperament temperament.


This gray little fragrance set, five-point sleeves shirt design, round neck models with a lapel skirt, elegant commuter temperament highlights. The white stripes embellishment, so that the moment of upgrading the degree of fashion. Within the pale white or bare pink vest, wearing a wave skirt under the A-shaped package hip, foot tip high heels, elegant workplace women's summer dress.


If your skin is more white, then the bright color of the small fragrance package is a good choice. This fluorescent green suit, sweet big lapel design, full of personality, coupled with a loose short paragraph version of the same color high waist half-length umbrella skirt, the perfect grooming physique. With pointed Roman high-heeled shoes and chain packets, minimalist gas field full points, to create a full dress aristocratic commuter style.

Photo Source: Mousya Women

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