Great potential for easy home textiles favored by venture capitalists

Great potential for easy home textiles favored by venture capitalists

Recently, Yijiafang, which is an e-commerce service platform rooted in the Chinese textile industry, has attracted many VCs. It is understood that since the establishment of Yijia Textile, it has been frequently visited by venture capitalists and has been highly recognized by all parties in the industry on various types of entrepreneurial platforms. It is intriguing to see why a company that has not gone online can attract the attention of many venture capitalists. What unique advantages does it have?

Integrate resources with the Internet

With the continuous development of the Internet, Internet technology continues to improve and progress, and all walks of life have ushered in new opportunities for development. Under the new development trend, Yijiafang has taken advantage of Internet technology to intensively cultivate the home textile industry and launched an e-commerce service platform that integrates the entire industrial chain of home textiles. This helps home textile companies find product positioning more quickly and effectively establish brand characteristics.

Break through the traditional B2B to create a real platform

Yijiafang's team has used its experience in the home textile industry for many years and has broken through the traditional B2B model according to the actual needs of the market. While refining the development, it also added many practical platforms to meet the needs of the company and created a design for the design. Application platforms such as easy design platforms, easy-to-price pricing platforms, easy collaboration platforms, and easy-to-information platforms are all firmly grasped by the needs of the current small and medium-sized home textile companies, excavating consumers. And the potential needs of the company.

Among them, the easy design platform is to realize the online use of the design program, easy to operate, easy to use, with its unique advantages, innovative methods, for home textile companies to design products, create brands to provide advanced technology, rich material. For home textile enterprises in the product of personalized design and development, you can through the easy design sub-platform, to achieve independent design, create a brand product and style model in line with its own positioning.

3D technology reduces industry costs

The biggest highlight of Yijiafang's design platform lies in its three-dimensional product design program, which integrates the 3D model and the latest network technology. Through a self-built 3D living room, bedroom, dining room, and other scenes, it can combine 3D models of home-built 3D home textile products. Through the 3D engine, full 3D real-time rendering is achieved, and a 3D picture quality and a 3D picture of all-round free viewing angles can be obtained.

Ultra-fast calculation speed, realistic visual effects, free rotation observation angle, product model and model replacement can be seen in real-time through the 3D rendering engine. The whole design process only takes about 15 minutes, which greatly reduces the The cost of the industry has increased the competitiveness of the brand.

Establish a full-process service system

Yijiafang's platform not only provides a brand-new marketing channel for the company, but also helps the company to realize the Internet services from the design, production, and sales to the entire process. At the same time, it also enables the company to achieve rapid, high-efficiency and intelligent development.

The purpose of the Yijiafang platform is to provide a professional platform for online and professional support services for domestic and foreign companies in the home textile industry. Through an innovative concept, the company coordinates and operates related resources and organizes the rational allocation of these resources. Mechanisms and institutions that promote the dynamic combination and flow of various factors of production, and organically combine internal resources such as information, technology, human resources, equipment, and markets, and link them up and down.

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