Red crystal meaning

The first feeling that red crystal gives people is that this powder of tender pink stone will surely attract peach blossoms. Of course, red crystal is more about pursuing a kind of practice theory in love, that is to say, the pursuit of the heart must be courageous to pay and be proactive.

In addition to helping single people find love, red crystal helps you to pursue the feelings in your heart. Let's take it for ourselves. Everyone knows that Chinese women are relatively more subtle. Generally speaking, they will not take the initiative to pursue love. They will feel that women chasing men is a very unruly practice. Of course, many girls are now relatively open. But still most women still maintain the traditional concept. It is not to say that you have changed from Xiaojiabiyu to a shrew. Red crystal just wants to help you open your heart. For those who have goals in their hearts, it is most praiseworthy to dare to pay for love.

Insoles For Women

● High Quality lady Insoles for high heel

● Soft, cushioning 2mm Durapontex top cover makes this orthotic very comfortable to wear

● Outer Material: Eva

● Closure: Slip-On

● Heel Height: 2.5

● Shoe Width: Medium

● These Full Length Version are designed for shoes, trainers and boots which feature removable insoles. Please note that they can be trimmed with scissors to fit the shoe, should they be too long.

Insoles For Women

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