About the jadeite knowledge of the bracelet

Do you know about the jade knowledge of the bracelet? In fact, the so-called 鸳鸯 bracelet is not a pair of enamel carving on the jade bracelet, which is very difficult, and belongs to the work bracelet; it means that the bracelet is paired. But the "one pair" of jade knowledge here is not what we think. As long as it is a similar bracelet, it can be called a pair, but refers to the following situations:

Two pieces of material in the same jade material; the color lines are very similar; the color segments of the bracelet are complementary, for example, the spring is green and the green is full of spring bracelets; the colors are two extremes, such as one Cui, or a yin and a yang, that is, greenish blue and greenish yellow, etc., these conditions will cause a bracelet. Such bracelets are ingenious because they are ingenious, so they can work or not, and they are not limited to style.

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