Master 3 points to distinguish the quality of crystal glass

Before you can distinguish the top glass, you need to know that the content of lead oxide in the crystal glass must reach 24%, so that the crystal cup produced is the best quality. Master the following three points to identify the quality of the glass.

1. Appearance: The upper wine glass usually has a thinner wall and a better brightness.

2. Sound: The sound of the wine glass is lower and the sound is more durable, like a melodious bell.

3. Tasting: The thinner cup wall can better observe the color of the wine. The microscopic surface structure of the crystal is not as smooth and smooth as glass. This structure gives the wine more area to the air and accelerates the oxidation process of the wine. Accelerate the hangover while drinking.

In addition to the essential difference between ordinary glass and crystal glass, the hand-machine-blown cups are very similar in appearance, but the price is far apart. Each piece of handmade wine glass is unique. The size and weight of the wine glass are slightly different. It looks extraordinarily fine in the curvature, and the tiny bubbles or the surface of the inclusions are unique features of the handmade products. Part of the production process that can be accepted.

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