Ivy brand underwear natural and healthy shape perfect body shape

Allyia set up a Hong Kong group company in 2001. The perfect combination of the romantic European design concept and the Asian female figure created the home and underwear products that fit the oriental femininity.
The main products are underwear, thermal underwear, body underwear, home clothes, sleepwear, swimwear and other full range of underwear products, including the adjustment of underwear for the company's flagship product, which not only to solve the problem of women's chest drooping, external expansion, relaxation And many other issues, but also contribute to the healthy development. The pursuit of beauty, self-confidence, it is the relentless pursuit of modern women, but also our principle of service, we want to make Alvijia synonymous with health, confidence, beauty, to convey the language of love.


Alvida body shaping underwear is committed to women's health and perfect body shape

Ivya a stress lingerie texture and the pursuit of brand. Clothing advocating natural health, the overall sexy luxury reveals a simple low-key, under the natural cut lines embodies the feminine. At the same time ladies ladies very emphasize the comfort of wearing underwear, she is very picky on the choice of materials, expensive high-tech materials and comfortable natural materials perfect combination, giving the wearer the feeling of ease without pressure.

爱丽维娅品牌内衣 自然健康塑造完美身形

Alvida body shaping underwear is committed to women's health and perfect body shape

Ivy brand underwear has been committed to the study of women's health and perfect body shape, popular in the mainstream consumer groups in Europe, a personality, fashion concept of life, focus on the beauty of the female curve, with high quality partners and designers throughout the world, Always follow the trend of the pulse, commitment to spread the "enjoy life" cause.

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