The eternal classic pointed shoes make the dress stand out

This site on October 13 hearing, each woman's shoe must have a pair of perfect pointed shoes, just as every girl must have a little black dress. Elegant lines, exquisite materials and comfortable pointed shoes not only help you to hold any scene, but also help you create a neat overall shape. Xiao Bian brings you a variety of classic pointed shoes, which are more suitable for the leather texture of autumn and winter.


Classic black sheepskin shoes, perfect heel design, perfect pointed uppers, perfect shoe point of view ... Ascend the 10cm magic shoes, and feel more confident. Physical store and official website are sold, black and brown color.


The beauty-colored shoes are slightly exposed in the toe ditch, and the low-keyness is unattractive.


The red velvety upper makes the full autumn fullness saturated, and the small LOFER design adds a hint of exoticism. Even more relaxed and casual, the pointed shoes can also be less powerful.


A touch of red in the fall and winter is the winning recipe for the gas field. This red pointed high heel, the heel and the exquisite exaggeration of the upper, leather embossed design with a stylish sense of classical design.


The zipper design on the heel, black and white colour matching, and pointed uppers make this pair of shoes easy to use, whether it is with a dress or jeans. This is a versatile combination of pointed shoes. (Collaborative Media: Shoe-like pictures, Yalun Shusha shoes)

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