Ditto Dieto Women's Winter Colors

Ditto Dieto Women's 2014 Winter Collection, colorful coats one week demonstration.

Every woman wants to have a colorful wardrobe. The clothes inside are not only complete in style but also rich in color. Because you love beauty, you must hope that you are radiant every day and not repeat dull. Especially in the cold winter, this kind of pursuit of beauty is more eager and inflated.

So come to learn about a week's color matching program, through different colors, let you show your different charms every day!


The week has just started, the mood is still relatively good, today choose the khaki color temperament woman it. With dresses and boots, atmosphere and fashion!

On Tuesday, bright red is easy to give people a warm, active, lively and warm feeling. Matching red with other colors is also eye-catching!


Today is a time to wear vibrant and hopeful yellow. Yellow is a color that resembles sunlight. She conveys openness, wisdom, and hopefulness that can mobilize people's enthusiasm and bring joy.

On Thursday, use yellow as a blue accent color to add warmth to blue, and be bold and bold!

On Fridays, purple is a mysterious and rich color, associated with luck and wealth, nobles and nobles. The purple dream is full of romance and mystery, which makes people think and ponder. At the same time it can be used with many colors.

The end of the week is not as good as a purple noble match!

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